South Melbourne Market

Last weekend, a group of bloggers and I were invited on a tour and taste of South Melbourne Market. We sample delicious produce and met the passionate and very friendly faces behind the stalls. We brought our cameras along to share our culinary adventure!

South Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market www.cherryandme.comSouth Melbourne Market www.cherryandme.comSouth Melbourne Market www.cherryandme.comSouth Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market Ice-cream face Cherry

South Melbourne Market Tiger loved looking around from his pram

South Melbourne Market www.cherryandme.comA special thanks to Nuffnang for inviting us on the tour!

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The Birds and The Bees and The Ladybugs

Happy 3rd birthday Cherry! Here’s how we celebrated in our garden with our friends!

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comLittle Miss Ladybug and Mr Bummble-Bee

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comBirthday #3 cookies and Nutalla fairy bread

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comParty food made by Cherry and Me

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comWe planted Cyclamen in a few swans from our collection

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comWe cranked the bubble machine!

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comConfetti

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comMienkki sniffing out the action

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comCucumber sandwiches and bells from my Nana Nina that always remind me of her ♥

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comCherry shows Kane her Garden Party decorations

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comZoe, our little garden flower

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comCherry and Me planted these. Love our Pop and Scott pots!

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comBirthday babies – Tiger, Zoe and Mahla

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comBabies everywhere!

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comThe mummies enjoy a spot of tea while Cherry and friends play in the garden

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comCuddles with Mahla, the cutest mini lady-baby-bug ever!

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comTiger (9 months) and Aunty Lady-Bug

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comGarden Tea

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comMake a wish!

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comWe served Cherry’s ice-cream cake in waffle cones

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comIt rained the next morning and we now have confetti stained dots on our path which I love!

Garden Party www.cherryandme.comTiger turns 1 in July… Now it’s time to get thinking about his first party!

Want more party photos? Check out Cherry’s 1st birthday and Cherry’s 2nd birthday!

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Cherry’s Shabbat Birthday Dinner

Today is Cherry’s 3rd birthday!
Happy birthday beautiful girl! Mummy and Daddy absolutely adore you xox

On Friday night, the family got together to celebrate Cherry’s 3rd birthday with a not so traditional Shabbat dinner.

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCherry and Aunty Nise waiting for guests to arrive

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comMum and Me prepare dinner. Here we are taste testing the Russian salad

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comGluten free, wholemeal and traditional Challahs, garden roses and art by Darren Wardle

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCherry, her daddy and my daddy

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCherry and her grandparents

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comFace squashing kisses from Daddy and Me

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comMummy, can I pllleeaase open it now!?

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comHowdy Tiger!

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCuddles from Aunty Nellie and Tinky

Cherry's Shabbat Cherry ice-cream cake

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comMake a wish!

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCherry playing hair salon with Uncle Jonny

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comGiving Uncle Josh’s beard a trim

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comAunty Olgy braiding Cherry’s hair

Tune in next week for more of Cherry’s 3rd birthday celebrations!

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Russian Poppyseed Cake

On Friday morning, a few of us kinder mums got together to bake 20 Russian Poppyseed Cakes for our School’s Fete.

Russian Poppyseed Cake

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comOur bake-off was held in Nina’s home which was previously owned by a Rabbi and his large family. The kitchen was enourmous with 4 huge ovens!

3_cakeMany hands made light work. We baked 20 cakes in under 2 hours!

2_cakeIn goes the mix

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comI wish you could smell this image!

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comNina doing the finishing touches

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comGotta sample our products first ;)

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comA fabulous way to get to know each other and a  great way to help raise funds for our school!

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comThe finished cakes ready for sale!

School Fete www.cherryandme.comSunday morning at the School Fete

School Fete Cherry in the butterfly enclosure

School Fete Cherry and Me painting T-shirts

School Fete www.cherryandme.comA fun day out with the family :)

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Meet The Triplets!

Three months ago, my cousin and best friend Olga, welcomed three beautiful baby boys to the world! What a lucky lady indeed! Cherry, Tiger and Me absolutely love visiting and yesterday we brought over their very own personalised blankets from The Knit Studio.

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comThe blankets came rolled up in postal tubes

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comWe chose green, blue and orange to match their awesome bedroom

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comCherry decorated the card board tubes with watercolours in our garden

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comTiger smashing Vegemite on toast while watching his big sister paint

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comTa-da!

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comCherry feeling proud and excited to give her gifts to her baby cousins!

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comHello babies! We have presents for you!

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comMe styling the boys

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comMeet Jake, Hugo and Oscar! Just gorgeous!

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comOscar

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comJake

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comHugo

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comOscar, Hugo, Jake (3 months) and Tiger (8 months)

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comSo much love! We’ll keep you posted on the boys and their triplet adventures as they grow!

Click here to visit The Knit Studio Website

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Tea At Fairy Cake Pond

Cherry and Me recently visited our friend Jo in her beautiful home on her coastal property, she calls Fairy Cake Pond. Jo is an artist and mad collector of unwanted items. After hosting a glorious tea party, she took us on a home tour of her enormous collection of vintage and nostalgic memorabilia. Every room was a treasure trove filled with tiny tea sets, antique manikins, old dolls, knitting needles, glass domes, hand made lace, old letters, taxidermy birds and false teeth.

Tea Party cherryandme.comTea Party cherryandme.comTea Party cherryandme.comTiger (8 months), loved looking around!

Tea Party cherryandme.comJo creates exquisite glass domed little worlds, each with a whimsical story to tell

Tea Party cherryandme.comTea Party cherryandme.comFairy tails under glass

Tea Party cherryandme.comTea Party cherryandme.comTea Party cherryandme.comTea Party cherryandme.comTea Party

Tea Party cherryandme.comIn the garden with Jo’s chickens, piglet, dog, cat and Magpie

Tea Party

Tea Party

Tea Party cherryandme.comThanks for having us in your incredible home Jo!
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