Family ISO Dance Party!

The last time we posted was back in 2017. The main reason for our 3-year-hiatus is we’ve noticed most of you prefer viewing our stories on Instagram. Sometimes there are things we simply can’t share on Insta, like long YouTube videos. That’s what’s brought us back here to where it all started; this wonderful WordPress blog! We’ve missed you!

It’s 2020 now and every single one of us has been effected by this global pandemic. Even though we’ve had to reassess the way we live, it’s forced us to take a step back and slow down our hectic lifestyles. We all have to stop and smell the roses and find the silver lining in this dark storm cloud. Our family has taken this time to revisit hobbies that we didn’t previously have time for. I’ve gotten back into clay, teaching the kids how to create pinch-pots and my husband has dusted off the DJ decks and re-sparked his talent for mixing electronic dance music.

On Saturday night, DJ DAD put his new skills to the test and live streamed a dance party from our living room! We’re taking request for the next set, so leave your fave songs in comments below.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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