How To Make A Christmukka Tree

A few years back, when I first started blogging, I wrote a guest post for  My Poppet; a crafty lifestyle blog that I was totally crushing on at the time! The project was called My first ever Christmukka Tree, and seeing that Hanukkah + Christmas both coincidentally coincide this year, I thought it was appropriate to re-share my step-by-step crafty tutorial!

How to make a Christmukka Tree

Chrismakah cherryandme.comIt all stared with a mini pine tree I picked up from the “oh so amazing” Design Files Open House. This was my first… ever… tree! I come from a Jewish family and was just a little too excited to get my hands on one of these babies!

Christmukka After officially welcoming the prickly beast into my home, I cleared the dining table and quickly got brainstorming on how to keep the theme “Kosher” for my Jewish roots.

Christmukka I decided to decorate the tree with mini dreidels, iconic and totally appropriate for Hanukkah!

Christmukka cherryandme.comChristmukka cherryandme.comThen, with a little help from my clever sister, aka Aunty Nise, we attached twine around each dreidel top, to dot pops of rainbow and “Judify” the tree!

Christmukka cherryandme.comChristmukka cherryandme.comChristmukka cherryandme.comChristmukka cherryandme.comChristmukka cherryandme.comChristmukka cherryandme.comChristmukka
And for the finishing touch, I twisted a foil Star of David for the cherry on top!

Christmukka cherryandme.comTa-da! The finished product! Isn’t she just the cutest? My first ever Christmukka Tree!

Wishing all my loyal readers a happy, healthy and most fabulous holiday season, however you’re celebrating!

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  2. Maxabella says:

    That is fabulous! I love the merging of two celebrations. This would be perfect for my Jewish nephew.

  3. Love it! love the star on top! so low maintenance too! good work!

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