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I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated lately to write my regular blog posts, here on Cherry and Me. Instead, I’ve been focusing my energy on running exciting giveaways over on the Cherry and Me Facebook page and have also been enthralled with Snapchat and Instagram Stories every day; when I’m out of the house, living life, sharing personal, real experiences and things I don’t normally blog about.  If you don’t follow my snaps… Why the bloody hell not? They’re awesome! Do it! @cherryandme

So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to pause and reflect on why I started blogging back in the first place and share some things that motivate me in hope to get my blogging mojo back!

I first started this blog back in 2010 when baby Cherry was brewing in my belly. I had just finished up working in a fabulous Melbourne Art Galley of 10 years and was also freelancing as a graphic designer on various creative projects. (You can view my work here). The world of blogging was brand new and I was obsessed with a few incredible bloggers such as Lucy Feagans from The Design Files, Phoebe from Lady Melbourne and Adele Enerson from Milla’s Daydream. I thought, I can do this! I was inspired by elements from each of these blogs, Interior Design from The Design Files, Feminine Fashionista Selfies from Lady Melbourne and Stylised Baby Photoshoots from Milla’s Daydream. My husband bought me an SLR for my birthday, thinking it would be great for recording memories our new growing family. I’d studied photography at University but usually, the camera was set to “auto mode” and still to this day is! Most of the magic happens in post editing, in Photoshop using my graphic design experience

With practice and inspiration from the creative women in my family, I learned to style and take pictorial stories of creative things in daily life and posted regular weekly stories every Sunday.

Now, six years into the future, things have changed dramatically and the world blogging has exploded! I’m currently signed up with several specialised Blogging PR agencies and am often approaches to write sponsored posts. I don’t say yes to every opportunity and only wrote from the heart.

Social Media has become part of me and my family’s daily life and today I’m going to try something very exciting and new… It’s called Shoebox Timeline! Shoebox is a new platform where you can build a story using your personal pics, movies or documents and create a story to share with friends, family and followers.

So this is my story, my precious Shoebox of memories since I started blogging in hope to re-inspire me! Enjoy

x Elle

cherryandme.com cherryandme.comcherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.comcherryandme.comcherryandme.com  cherryandme.com   cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com cherryandme.com

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Life InStyle – Elle’s Pick

Every year I look forward to Life InStyle and I’ve been blogging about the event since I started this website back in 2010. It’s become a ritual where I drop the kids off at school first thing in the morning, and head into the city with my fully charged camera to my absolute favourite building; The Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton.

It’s so exciting being the first to view the very latest in Australian product design and homewares and, as usual, I’ve snap a few of my favourite stalls with a super exciting forthcoming MAJOR… EPIC… HUGE GIVEAWAY coming soon! So watch this space!

View my previous visits back in 2011 here and 2014 here

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Life InStyle cherryandme.comPony Rider – Giveaway coming soon!

Milk Life InStyle cherryandme.comMilk and Sugar

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Down To The Woods

Life InStyle cherryandme.com  Down To The Woods

Life InStyle cherryandme.comLangdon LTD

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Bonnie and Neil – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Bonnie and Neil

Life InStyle cherryandme.comLightly – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Lightly

Life InStyle cherryandme.comTribe Home

Life InStyle cherryandme.comKeep Resin – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comAhoy Trader – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comFrench Bazaar – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Plain & Simple – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comOlli Ella – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comWhite Moose – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.com White MooseLife InStyle cherryandme.comMarble Basics – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Life InStyle cherryandme.com Martha Jean – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comBaby Matisse, one little happy camper in front of the Home Camp installation

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Olga Berg – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.com  Olga BergLife InStyle cherryandme.com The Arty hearts – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.com Leo and Bella

Life InStyle cherryandme.comLife InStyle cherryandme.comOh, and I chopped all my hair off!!

Look out for my biggest and more excellent GIVEAWAY yet, coming soon on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you’re following Cherry and Me for our epic announcement!

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Tiger Turns 3!!!

Tiger Turned 3 this week and to celebrate, we partied, played and patrolled our galaxy with Buzz Lightyear at our local play centre. We even made a short YouTube clip to share the fun!

Tiger's Birthday cherryandme.comTo infinity and beyond!

Tiger's Birthday cherryandme.comParty people

Tiger's Birthday cherryandme.comTiger devouring his Buzz Lightyear ice-cream cake!

Tiger's Birthday cherryandme.comCherry and her buddy Jem

Tiger's Birthday cherryandme.com Proud mummy and daddy

Here’s how we celebrated Tiger’s 2nd birthday at Aunty Nellie’s house

And here’s Tiger’s super gorgeous 1st birthday at Babushka Natalia’s house!

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Cherry and Me Visit NGV – Martí Guixé

It’s the school holidays and Cherry and Me visit the NGV to see the latest kids exhibition – Fake Food Park by Martí Guixé!

Head on over to our YouTube channel and hit subscribe for our latest clips!

We’ve been regularly visiting The National Gallery of Victoria ever since Cherry was a baby! Here are a few highlights from previous trips:

Warhol + WeiWeiNGV cherryandme.comNGV cherryandme.comNGV cherryandme.com

Open House: Tromarama for Kids
NGV cherryandme.com NGV cherryandme.com

Romance Was Born – Express Yourself
NGV cherryandme.comNGV cherryandme.com

Ernesto Neto  – David Shrigley – Jean Paul Gaultier – 2015
NGV cherryandme.comNGV cherryandme.com

Pastello 2014
NGV cherryandme.comNGV cherryandme.com NGV cherryandme.com

John Campbell – Sing What You Feel 2013
NGV cherryandme.comNGV cherryandme.com

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Jura Coffee Machine Review

My latest addition to our kitchen… or should I say addiction… is a fully automatic coffee machine from Jura. The Jura has become part of our morning ritual and it will be a sad day when we hand it back after our one month loan to review!

Over the past few weeks, friends and family have loved dropping in for their coffee fix or even for a cheeky espresso martini on a Saturday evening! We’ve sampled a variety of coffee beans from our favourite roasteers and even the kids have had a play, creating their own hot chocolate recipe! We thought it would be super fun to share highlights of our Jura experience with a few YouTube clips. Enjoy!

My Morning Coffee Fix

Cherry’s Kids Hot Chocolate

Jura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.com

Saturday Night Espresso MartinisJura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.comJura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.com

We’ve saved a bundle on lattes, soy lattes and espressos at home! Just to compare, an average coffee pod costs around 68 cents a pop and a freshly ground brew in the Jura machine only costs 18 cents a shot!

Jura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.comJura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.com

What an incredibly fun month it’s been with the delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee wafting throughout the house and kick starting each morning with a cafe quality latte! Thank you to The Bean Bag coffee subscription for our home delivery! The beans from Flying West and the Sunshine Coast Coffee Roasteries were by far our favourites!

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Date Night – The Sound of Music Musical

It’s not often the kids go away for the weekend and my husband and I head into the city for a date night followed by a sleep in the next morning and then maybe out for and uninterrupted brunch where we can slowly sip our coffee and enjoy at hot meal! Well, last night, we were super thrilled to venture into Melbourne city after dark to see The Sound of Music, musical. We even had time before the show for a cheeky Espresso Martini and express dumplings at Super Normal, a Flinders Lane hotspot I’ve been dying to try!

Sound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.com Sound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.comSound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.com

I recently re-watched the first half of the original film with Cherry who really seemed to enjoy it and now asks if we can watch it again together. She’s still a bit too young to sit through the production, but we did see quite a few children, a little older than her, there last night.

Sound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.comSound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.com

My husband and I were super impressed by the clever set design. Even though our seats were towards the back of the theatre, the backdrops looked so vibrant and real! But what was most impressive was the talent on stage. The cast sounded impeccable and so did the accompanying orchestra! We also loved the costumes as they felt classic yet more modernised than in the film.

Sound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.comSound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.com

The musical’s lyrics are clear to understand and the melodies are extremely uplifting, charming and catchy! The story line is easy to follow and suitable for all ages, although, the dark ending does provoke depressing memories of war times.

There were some well-known Australian actors on stage such as the multi-talented CAMERON DADDO who played the roll of Captain von Trapp, starring alongside MARINA PRIOR in the role of the Baroness Schraeder, LORRAINE BAYLY as Frau Schmidt, JACQUI DARK as Mother Abbess, and joining them in the coveted role of Maria is one of Australia’s newest and most outstanding award-winning musical theatre stars, AMY LEHPAMER.

Sound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.comSound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.com

The actual story line did differ from the film we recently watched but fit perfectly for a live, on-stage production. I woke up this morning with puffy eyes from all the tears I shed during the moving performance. I wept tears of happiness for the most part and tears of sadness at the end. I highly recommend going along to see this classic and beautiful love story.

Sound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.comSound of Music Musical Melbourne cherryandme.com

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