Cherry and Tiger’s Bobux YouTube Review

This week on the blog, Cherry and Tiger are super excited to open up their online Bobux order and share what they think of their new Summer shoes! Watch their YouTube clip and don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE!

Bobux CHERRYANDME.COM What’s inside?


Bobux CHERRYANDME.COMWe ordered Tiger a pair of super cool Blaze Cheetah Sneakers and Pop Red Sandals and Cherry got a pair of gorgeous Pop Silver Sandals

Bobux CHERRYANDME.COM Easy for them to put on by themselves

Bobux CHERRYANDME.COM Plenty of adjustable wiggle room for growing feet

Bobux CHERRYANDME.COMExcellent for dancing too

Bobux CHERRYANDME.COMOff to the park for a test drive


Thank you Bobux for these totally awesome shoes!

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Ladybird Cake – Vintage Cookbook Recipe

This week’s blog post is brought to you by a 3-year-old boy called Tiger. He’s been obsessing over a picture of a Ladybird Cake he found in a vintage Cadbury’s Chocolate Cookbook from my grandparents. Yesterday, Daddy took up the challenge to recreate the masterpiece in our kitchen, with the kids, down at our holiday house. Here’s their step-by-step YouTube baking tutorial and recipe – Enjoy!

Ladybird Cake cherryandme.comLadybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

Ladybird Cake

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Happy 1st Day of Spring

Happy 1st day of Spring! The blossoms are in full bloom, the birdies are chirping and the breeze smells like perfume! It’s the perfect time to open the windows and get into some Spring Cleaning.

I’ve been busy decluttering our home and am in the final stages of converting our front room from a study/junk room into a usable family space; for playing, studying and chilling out. It’s still a work in progress and so far I’ve managed to clear the junk, roll out a large rug and place our family’s vintage 3 seater sofa that I plucked out from storage. We’ve even hung an original Cherry and Me Artwork to complete the transformation.

Front Room cherryandme.comRug- IKEA
Gold ottomans – Kmart
Painting – Cherry and Me
Cat – Not for sale

If you’re feeling in the mood for a mini-room-makeover, drop into our Online Art Store and take advantage of our Spring FREE SHIPPING sale on all Art Prints! Just enter the code CHERRYBLOSSOM at checkout:

www.cherryandme.comHappy Spring!

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Our Most Epic GIVEAWAY!

It’s finally here you guys….

A couple of weeks ago, while at Life InStyle, I hunted and gathered my top 14 favourite stalls and am proud to present to you… OUR MOST EPIC GIVEAWAY EVER!! Each of these top Australian designers have generously contributed toward ONE incredible Giveaway, exclusive to Cherry and Me followers!

This could all be yours!

Life InStyle Epic Giveaway,

1. Martha Jean – Earrings
2. Pony Rider – Summer Blanket
3. French Bazaar – Wall Hang
4. Bonnie and Neil – Cushion
5. Lightly – Copper Servers
6. Plain & Simple – Copper Candle
7. Marble Basics – Marble Triangle
8. The Arty Hearts – A6 Notebooks
9. White Moose – Gold Bunny Planter
10. Olga Berg – Rose Gold Headband
11. Corporate Art – Cloud Print
12. Samantha Robinson – Melon Bowl
13. Paterson + Steele – Pink Plates
14. Keep Resin – Resin Jug

Entry is simple! You can either enter via our Facebook or Instagram pages or BOTH! (both = 2 entries)

How to enter on Facebook:
1. LIKE @Cherry_and_me + the designers listed
2. Leave a COMMENT under our Competition image on Facebook telling us why we should pick you (25 words or less)
3. SHARE the competition image + TAG #CherryandmeGiveaway  #LifeInStyle #Melbourne

How to enter on Instagram:
1. FOLLOW @Cherry_and_me + the designers listed
2. Leave a COMMENT under our giveaway image telling us why we should pick you (25 words or less)
3. REGRAM our giveaway image + TAG #CherryandmeGiveaway  #LifeInStyle #Melbourne

Competition ends 30/09/16 midnight. The winner will be selected at random from either Facebook or Instagram and notified via private message. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a second winner will be chosen. Open to Australian residents only. One entry per person for Facebook and for Instagram only. Serial competition “spamers” will be disqualified!

Good luck you guys! So excited! Woohoo!

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What Inspires Me To Blog

I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated lately to write my regular blog posts, here on Cherry and Me. Instead, I’ve been focusing my energy on running exciting giveaways over on the Cherry and Me Facebook page and have also been enthralled with Snapchat and Instagram Stories every day; when I’m out of the house, living life, sharing personal, real experiences and things I don’t normally blog about.  If you don’t follow my snaps… Why the bloody hell not? They’re awesome! Do it! @cherryandme

So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to pause and reflect on why I started blogging back in the first place and share some things that motivate me in hope to get my blogging mojo back!

I first started this blog back in 2010 when baby Cherry was brewing in my belly. I had just finished up working in a fabulous Melbourne Art Galley of 10 years and was also freelancing as a graphic designer on various creative projects. (You can view my work here). The world of blogging was brand new and I was obsessed with a few incredible bloggers such as Lucy Feagans from The Design Files, Phoebe from Lady Melbourne and Adele Enerson from Milla’s Daydream. I thought, I can do this! I was inspired by elements from each of these blogs, Interior Design from The Design Files, Feminine Fashionista Selfies from Lady Melbourne and Stylised Baby Photoshoots from Milla’s Daydream. My husband bought me an SLR for my birthday, thinking it would be great for recording memories our new growing family. I’d studied photography at University but usually, the camera was set to “auto mode” and still to this day is! Most of the magic happens in post editing, in Photoshop using my graphic design experience

With practice and inspiration from the creative women in my family, I learned to style and take pictorial stories of creative things in daily life and posted regular weekly stories every Sunday.

Now, six years into the future, things have changed dramatically and the world blogging has exploded! I’m currently signed up with several specialised Blogging PR agencies and am often approaches to write sponsored posts. I don’t say yes to every opportunity and only wrote from the heart.

Social Media has become part of me and my family’s daily life and today I’m going to try something very exciting and new… It’s called Shoebox Timeline! Shoebox is a new platform where you can build a story using your personal pics, movies or documents and create a story to share with friends, family and followers.

So this is my story, my precious Shoebox of memories since I started blogging in hope to re-inspire me! Enjoy

x Elle

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Life InStyle – Elle’s Pick

Every year I look forward to Life InStyle and I’ve been blogging about the event since I started this website back in 2010. It’s become a ritual where I drop the kids off at school first thing in the morning, and head into the city with my fully charged camera to my absolute favourite building; The Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton.

It’s so exciting being the first to view the very latest in Australian product design and homewares and, as usual, I’ve snap a few of my favourite stalls with a super exciting forthcoming MAJOR… EPIC… HUGE GIVEAWAY coming soon! So watch this space!

View my previous visits back in 2011 here and 2014 here

Life InStyle Life InStyle cherryandme.comPony Rider – Giveaway coming soon!

Milk Life InStyle cherryandme.comMilk and Sugar

Life InStyle Down To The Woods

Life InStyle  Down To The Woods

Life InStyle cherryandme.comLangdon LTD

Life InStyle Bonnie and Neil – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle Bonnie and Neil

Life InStyle cherryandme.comLightly – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle Lightly

Life InStyle cherryandme.comTribe Home

Life InStyle cherryandme.comKeep Resin – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comAhoy Trader – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comFrench Bazaar – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle Plain & Simple – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comOlli Ella – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comWhite Moose – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle White MooseLife InStyle cherryandme.comMarble Basics – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle Life InStyle Martha Jean – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle cherryandme.comBaby Matisse, one little happy camper in front of the Home Camp installation

Life InStyle Olga Berg – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle  Olga BergLife InStyle The Arty hearts – Giveaway coming soon!

Life InStyle Leo and Bella

Life InStyle cherryandme.comLife InStyle cherryandme.comOh, and I chopped all my hair off!!

Look out for my biggest and more excellent GIVEAWAY yet, coming soon on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you’re following Cherry and Me for our epic announcement!

Instagram  @Cherry_and_me
Snapchat  Cherryandme
Twitter  Cherry_and_Me

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