These are a few of my favourite things – Life Instyle

Yesterday I took a very well earned “me day” and headed down to explore Melbourne’s leading trade fair – Life Instyle. These were a few of my favourite things…

Life In Style Cherryandme.comTMODLife In Style

Life In Style Cherryandme.comTMOD

Kip and CoLife In Style + Incy Interiors 

Life In Style Kip and Co + Incy Interiors 

Life In Style Cherryandme.comBonnie and Neil

Life In Style Cherryandme.comMilk and Sugar

Life In Style Cherryandme.comPony Rider

Life In Style Cherryandme.comSamantha Robinson

Life In Style Cherryandme.comNicole Fendel

Life In Style Cherryandme.comThe Club of Odd Volumes

Life In Style Cherryandme.comBenElke

Life In Style Cherryandme.comConstance Roe

Life In Style Constance Roe

Life In Style Cherryandme.comCushionopoly
 Life In Style Cherryandme.comBowerbird
 Life In Style Cherryandme.comBlule

Life In Style Cherryandme.comMeow Girl

Life In Style Cherryandme.comMister Moss

Life In Style Sweet William

Life In Style Cherryandme.comHomely Creatures

Life In Style Cherryandme.comHello Toes

Life In Style Cherryandme.comBasil Bangs

Life In Style Cherryandme.comMrs Darcy

Life In Style Cherryandme.comThe Woodsfolk

Life In Style Cherryandme.comMozi

Life In Style Cherryandme.comMilk and Masuki

Life In Style Cherryandme.comRaw Space

Life In Style Cherryandme.comLife In Style


Click here to see our Life Instyle blog post from when Cherry was only 5 months old

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2 Responses to These are a few of my favourite things – Life Instyle

  1. Theresa W. says:

    Gorgeous photos — hope you treated yourself to some items.

  2. Fee says:

    I signed up to go along to Life InStyle but I didn’t get there. I remember going to that event in NSW when I ran my online store and was so blown away by how gorgeous the whole event was. If you are ever looking for a sidekick to go along to things in Melbourne just ask me! I ended up not going as I didn’t have anyone to go with. Nigel no friends lol

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