Easter Bunnies Get Drunk At Easter

What a fabulous Easter break we’ve had up at our holiday house! Mum and I love this time of year as it means we get to decorate the house with our ever expanding bunny collection.

17_Easter www.cherryandme.com

15_Easter www.cherryandme.com

5_Easter www.cherryandme.comFresh bread from The Red Hill Epiqurean

16_Easter www.cherryandme.com

13_Easter www.cherryandme.com

20_Easter www.cherryandme.comArtwork by Polixeni Papapetrou

18_Easter www.cherryandme.comFaux Jackalope head from Made 590

14_Easter www.cherryandme.comMum arranging our coffee table display

11_Easter www.cherryandme.comCherry’s first taste of a chocolate Easter Bunny!

4_Easter www.cherryandme.comBeautiful Dahlias freshly plucked from our county garden

8_Easter www.cherryandme.comSimba waiting patiently for his Easter treat

7_Easter www.cherryandme.comCherry keeps Daddy company while he cooks the birthday BBQ

3_Easter www.cherryandme.comHouse smoked salmon from The Red Hill Butcher

10_Easter www.cherryandme.comQuinoa, tzatziki and beetroot salads

9_Easter www.cherryandme.comMum’s 4 bean salad with marinated capsicums, red onions, coriander, lemon and olive oil

2_Easter www.cherryandme.comHappy 2nd birthday Cherry!
Tune in next Sunday to see Cherry’s 2nd Birthday Kewpie Party Post!

1_Easter www.cherryandme.comI made my famous Strawberry Triffle. See my step-by-step recipe here.

Just in case you were wondering, Easter Bunnies Get Drunk At Easter was a little trick my music teacher taught me to memorize the guitar strings notes.

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