The Melbourne Flower & Garden Show

I… Love… Flowers! I always look forward to this time of year when Melbourne hosts The Anual Flower & Garden Show. This year Cherry came along with me to admire the beautiful blooms!

28_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com22_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com23_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com24_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com2_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com1_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com3_FlowerShow

Flower Fashion27_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com29_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com20_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com19_FlowerShow

Botanical Installations25_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com21_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com26_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com6_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.comThis image was taken at last year’s show. Botanical installation by Michael Strownix. Read more about The Wacky World of Michael Strownix here.

Cherry road tests the latest in Cubby trends13_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com12_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com14_FlowerShow

What a beautiful day!16_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.com15_FlowerShow

18_FlowerShow www.cherryandme.comAnd of course we bought some flowers to take home!

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