Elle’s Summer Berry Trifle

Every Summer, we all head down to our beach house to escape the city and enjoy the beautiful serenity of the Mornington Peninsula. A tradition I started a few years ago, when Little Miss Cherry was in my belly, was making a Summer Berry Trifle. In fact, my first blog post was images of my first ever attempt. It’s such a simple desert to make and always seems to be a hit with everyone. My trifle made an appearance at my Baby Shower and was even reinvented for Mum’s Black Leather Leopard-skin Vodka Party into a  Black Forest version with Morello cherries and chocolate custard.

2_TriffleCherry absolutely loves cherries! Who doesn’t? Before we got started, we took a trip down to a local cherry and strawberry farm to collect fresh fruit for our trifle.

3_Triffle Mumma’s little helper

1_TriffleChop chop

4_TriffleWe used about 1kg of these mega juicy and super sweet strawberries sliced into halves. A lot I know, but we always make a mega-super-duper-sized one to fill our 12 liter tulip vase.

5_TriffleI like to use store bought jam sponge scrolls cut into 1cm slices. For this recipe, I use one log per layer and today, we’re making two.

7_TriffleI pack the bottom of our clear bowl with an entire log, nice and tight, pressing the spirals up the sides.

6_Triffle 8_Triffle Next, I soak the sponges with a generous splash of Creme Sherry. About 1 cup per layer. An alternative to alcohol is apple juice, or if you’re using jarred cherries, use the juice!

10_TriffleThen I throw in a few sliced strawberries and pitted cherries

9_TriffleI like to press the strawberries up against the clear glass

11_TriffleIn go those ripe and juicy cherries! You can use any fruit for this recipe but I find berries are best this time of year.

12_Triffle Then I scoop a layer of jelly. We used 2 packets of Aeroplane Natural Raspberry Jelly.

13_Triffle Here’s some we prepared earlier

14_Triffle Now for my favourite part…

15_TriffleI’ve tried many different kinds of custard, even home made, but I find Paul’s brand is the best for this recipe. About 3 cups per layer will do.

16_Triffle One for you, one for me 😉

17_TriffleOnce the custard is poured, I repeat the process with a second layer

18_Triffle Glug glug

20_TriffleAlmost done

22_TriffleMy trifle wouldn’t be complete without cherries on top!


Cover with glad wrap and store in the fridge a few hours before serving. Every time I make this recipe the ingredients and measurements vary slightly. In other words, you can’t go wrong, just make it look pretty!

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