Cherry’s Kewpie Party + Kewpie Doll GIVEAWAY!

A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated Cherry’s 2nd birthday and boy did we have fun! The party took place at aunty Nellie’s house who has an incredible kewpie doll collection. Cherry absolutely loves kewpie dolls too, so of course we partied kewpie style!

3_Cherry's_Kewpie_PartyAunty Nellie’s kewpies – Read about her collection here

2_Cherry's_Kewpie_PartyChrysanthemum, Carnation and Kewpie posies by Wunderplant.
We love Amy’s beautiful organic floral style! Visit the Wunderplant website here

30_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comOur kewpie brunch table deliciously prepared by Egg Unlimited.
We loved Egg Unlimited’s tiny breaky treats! Visit their website here

22_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comCrispy bacon, free range egg and house mayo in buttermilk rolls

23_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comGreen pear and spice mini muffins with kewpie party-picks from Etsy

26_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comBaby spinach and salted ricotta muffins

21_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comIt wouldn’t be a party without fairy bread!

24_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comMum and me

20_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comCherry’s pick: Smashed avocado, sun dried tomato and lime multigrain sandwiches

34_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comWow!

31_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comWe made polka-dot party hats with kewpie stickers from Etsy

15_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comThree kewpie babies

17_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party“Welcome to my party!”




5_Cherry's_Kewpie_PartyCherry loved her Rock Your Baby dress so much, she refused to take it off at bedtime! Visit the Rock Your Baby website here

29_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comCherry was simply fascinated with the Naughts & Crosses bubble machine!
Visit the Naughts & Crosses website here

27_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comDaddy and Me

13_Cherry's_Kewpie_PartyCherry’s kewpie birthday ice-cream cake!

8_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party cherryandme.comCherry said “it’s amazing!”

10_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party“Happy birthday to you!”

9_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party“Make a wish”

12_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party“Do you like your cake Cherry? She looks like you!”

11_Cherry's_Kewpie_PartyWe served Cherry’s kewpie cake in  ice-cream cones

7_Cherry's_Kewpie_Party“mmm yummy mummy!”

Click here to see how we celebrated Cherry’s 1st birthday last year

To celebrate Cherry’s 2nd birthday, one lucky Cherry and Me fan will WIN a kewpie doll from Naughts & Crosses!

Kewpie_Party_Giveaway cherryandme.comPhoto from 

To enter the draw to WIN, simply:

1. LIKE Cherry and Me on Facebook
2. LIKE Naughts & Crosses on Facebook
3. Then share this LINK on your Facebook wall
(Either cut and paste this URL as your status or click share on our Facebook wall link)
4. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us you’ve entered!
5. Extra points go to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest tagged mentions too. #Kewpie

Entries close midnight 13/04/2013. The winner will be selected at random and notified privately. Kewpie doll size approximately 25cm. Postage Australia wide.

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14 Responses to Cherry’s Kewpie Party + Kewpie Doll GIVEAWAY!

  1. Ang says:

    Love both pages and shared my little girl would love this

  2. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    How adorable. This has brought back the sweetest memories of me and my kewpie doll as a child. It is also tinged with sadness. When I was five we were on holidays. We stopped at a park, continuing on our way, I must have left my dollie behind. Realising an hour further down our trip, the tears were aflurry. We checked on our return trip but alas my Katie was never to be found again. I never did want another replacement. My mother had painstakingly made the dearest lace dress for her with matching bonnet. No other kewpie doll was ever good enough to replace her.

    I would l0ve my little girls to experience this kewpie doll obsession like there mummy. I have not seen them around for years.

    I have shared on facebook and tweeted your giveaway.

  3. S Hinduja says:

    Entered !!

  4. Jessie Boan says:

    My own Cherry is 15 months and just starting to love “bubbas”. She would smother a kewpie doll in slobbery kisses”.
    (Shared on Facebook)

  5. Jessie Boan says:

    Tweeted too but can’t figure out how to copy the URL from my new iPad #applerookie!

  6. Oh kewpies how I remember them from my childhood (I am now 56) I would love to win this one so I could own a kewpie doll once more

  7. Virginia Mason says:

    What an adorable idea for a party! I love all the detailing – stickers, party-picks and the wonderful cake. I have completed the steps to enter above and shared on facebook.

  8. Virginia Mason says:

    I have tweeted too.

  9. trudi okeefe says:

    great page and really cute comp,love ya stuff ,cheers

  10. done all the above requirements thank you

  11. doris rose says:

    my niece looks just like a kewpie doll

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