Shoes, handbags and brooches, oh my!

Last year I wrote a post called Meet My Wardrobe, where I shared before and after shots of my wardrobe makeover by Style Space. This week, I’m inviting you to step inside my mum’s wardrobe. Get ready for leopard print, patent leather, rainbow rhinestones and sexy sequins! These are a few of her favourite things…

Mums Wardrobe www.cherryandme.comThat’s mum and me back in 1986 and my tiny shoes from childhood

Mums Wardrobe

Mums Wardrobe

Mums Wardrobe

Mums Wardrobe

Mums Wardrobe www.cherryandme.comMum and her mum 1957

Mums Wardrobe

Mums Wardrobe www.cherryandme.comMum and me NYE 2000

Mums Wardrobe www.cherryandme.comI took this shot when Tiger was in my belly

Mums Wardrobe www.cherryandme.comAnd of course Cherry loves visiting Babushka’s wardrobe too!

Mums Wardrobe Mums Wardrobe

Mums Wardrobe www.cherryandme.comThat’s Cherry in my belly 😉 I love playing dress-ups too…
See my Mini Mouse Costume and Elleski Goes Retro photos here.

Thanks mum for letting us step into your glamour jungle!
View her beautiful paintings on my Mother’s Day blog post by clicking here

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