Mini Me!

Last night my friends threw a costume party with the theme “favourite childhood TV/movie/book character”. Inspired by my red and white polka-dot collection, (some would say obsession), I dressed up as mini mouse!

DIY Mini Mouse ears:
Step 1. Part your hair down the centre
Step 2. Make 2 high pony-tails
Step 3 . Tease each pony-tail
Step 4. Pin each pony-tail into a bun
Step 5. Pin a polka-dot ribbon in the centre

I finally got to wear my Sonia Rykiel dress my aunty brought back from Paris. Thanks Nellie!

Painted black mouse nose, white gloves, false eye-lashes and red lippy!

And lastly, I wore my Marc Jacobs ankle boots that were my first ever Mother’s Day present from my husband and Baby Zee!

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