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Isn’t it everyones dream to snap their fingers and have their wardrobe tidyied and sorted just like Mary Poppins singing A Spoon Full of Sugar? Well, guess what… My dreams just came true! Thanks to the lovely Raquel from Style Space, I’ve culled, folded, arranged and styled my space and finally feel inspired to dress ‘post-baby’.

We took before and after photos to share the magic with you.

Cherry and Me in the walk-in jungle before the transformation


Organise your items so you don’t forget what you own. You want to be aware of all your options when you are pulling an outfit together.  Raquel, Style Space


Take care of shoes, starting with how you store and organise them, to how often you condition the leather. A great pair of shoes is a true investment and if treat them with love, they will last you forever.   Raquel, Style Space


Organise your hanging space: colour-block, casual, dressy, dresses, shirts, skirts…
The options are endless, just make sure it works for you!   
Raquel, Style Space

Mienkki enjoying his new perch in the warm sunlight.

Another good tip to prevent pesky creatures like silverfish and weevils making your wardrobe their home, is to aerate the space at least once a week. If you don’t have a window in the space, keep the cupboard doors open for a few hours during the day as those nasties love the darkness. An old fashion pest prevention tip from my Nana Nina is to hang bunches of dried lavender in between your clothes and in your draws. What a pretty alternative to moth-balls!

Prioritise what you use regularly versus what you use rarely, so that items are easy to get to and your space is easier to keep organised – don’t make things difficult on yourself.   Raquel, Style Space

Earrings & Personal items maximise! Make sure you use every possible space that your wardrobe and be creative when doing it. This is a way to get more out of the space that you have and show your personality while doing it.  Raquel, Style Space

A clever way to display my forever growing jewellery collection

We also used removable stick-on wall hooks to hang hats, handbags and necklaces. A simple and practical idea to glam up any space!

Thank you Raquel for your helpful tips and incredible inspiration! I hope this post has gotten everyone in the mood for some Spring cleaning! If you’d like to get in touch with Raquel for some Style Space advice and perhaps a well deserved makeover, contact her via the Facebook page by clicking here. Happy Cleaning!

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