The Woodsfolk Store Opening + Motex GIVEAWAY!

On Wednesday evening, I attended the official launch of a much anticipated store in Church Street, Hawthorn. The lovely folk who created Down To The Woods have opened a delightful retail store called The Woodsfolk, stocked with their famous animal lamps, freckle rugs and other whimsical and brilliant designer goodies.

1_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comThe shop front window display


4_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comClink! Fizzy water served in glass jars. Don’t you just love those paper straws!



3_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comThree ladies with babies!
Me (due July), Lauren from Patchy Rugs (due next week!) and Esther from The Project Agency (due June)

14_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comLove those giant button wall hooks!

15_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comLittle lamb and heart garlands

16_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comPlastic and paper party goodies

18_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comComfy cushions and beautiful bedspreads

21_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comBright and happy pom-poms

19_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comFawn and Toadstool lamps

20_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comHand made felt animal masks

10_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comMotex label maker with coloured tapes. So retro and so fun!




And now for the Giveaway…22_WOODSFOLK www.cherryandme.comThis week one lucky Cherry and Me fan will WIN one of these Motex label makers + 3 x neon tapes!!

To enter the draw, simply Like our Facebook Page and SHARE this link on your Facebook wall before midnight 23/03/13. Then leave a comment telling us why we should pick you. Remember, you can enter as many times as you like! Extra points go to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest SHARES too! Good luck!

Don’t forget to tag us too!

The Woodsfolk
39 Church Street
Hawthorn VIC

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6 Responses to The Woodsfolk Store Opening + Motex GIVEAWAY!

  1. I have shared on my facebook page.!/renee.aslette
    I have also added it to the Products I Love folder on my Pinterest Account.
    I would love to win this as I am an avid Scrapbooker and Card Maker. I could use this Motex label maker alot. I love your store and wish I lived in Melbourne to come and see it in person!!

  2. Karlene says:

    Shared publicly and tagged you too x
    First year of school and we have to label and tag anything. No one else has fluro labels – fab and fun!

  3. Colour is a wonderful part of life,
    From pin striped shirts to a three toned kite.
    Colours make us happy, sad, glum
    But without colour we’d be exempt from,
    The brightness of yellow of the sunflower blooms,
    Happiness stretching up as high as the moon.

    The blue of the sky and water abounds,
    Bringing us cool pleasures, crispness of dew on the ground.
    Green is so soothing, relaxing, mellow.
    Imaging we’re in a meadow with a playing cello.
    Red being a warm and positive colour,
    In the delicate roses given to newborn mothers.

    Our homes have such positive, happy tones,
    Surrounded by furnishings we chose on our own.
    Our office with colour splashed around,
    In our highlighted paperwork, overdue bills just found.

    So the Motex label maker and neon tape
    Would be the perfect accompaniment for an escape,
    To a family needing labels on drink bottles and books,
    And the need for colour in our happy nook.

  4. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:


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