Rainbow Flora

Arranging flowers always makes me happy. Here are my tips on creating a simple, quick and easy bouquet, bursting with colour, to brighten up your day.

What I brought back from the market today:
1 x bunch of blue Hydrangeas
1 x bunch yellow short stem roses
1 x bunch hot pink short stem roses

TIP: To test how fresh roses are, gently squeeze the base of a bud with your thumb and pointer finger. If it feels firm, the flowers are fresh, but if it feels bouncy and loose, the flowers will only last a few days. Remember you can always ask your florist if they have any other fresher bunches tucked away in their cool room.

It’s handy to ask your florist to ‘strip’ the stems of the roses for you. This means they’ll take off the leaves and thorns that would be submerged in water. Stripping the stems helps prevent the water turning murky and your flowers will last longer.

Luckily these short stem roses are bred without thorns!

Next, using sharp secateurs, cut about 2 cm off the ends of each stem.

Tip: Cut the stems on the diagonal to expose more surface area for the flowers to drink.

The cool kids these days are arranging flowers in clusters of the same variety rather than mixing and spacing them evenly. It’s actually a lot easier to do and looks more natural.

 To keep your flowers happy and lasting as long as possible, trim their stems and change the water every second day.

Voilà! Rainbow flora delight!

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5 Responses to Rainbow Flora

  1. Nise says:

    I love Roses and Hydrangeas. And thanks for the advice on how to check if the roses are fresh or not.

  2. Lauren says:

    Just beautiful! I would love to know where you buy your flowers?

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