Greenhouse by Joost

Earlier this week, my friend Shelly and I took our babies out for lunch to Greenhouse by Joost, a pop-up restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

That’s Cherry, (11 months), on the left and her friend Sienna, (8 months), on the right.

The sustainable structure sits on the Yarra’s edge, corner of Southbank and Queensbridge, Melbourne. Notice the rooftop garden bar? Would be perfect for an evening cocktail! There’s also a great short time-laps film of the construction of Greenhouse. Click here to watch the movie.

Joost’s signature vertical garden. This time he uses strawberries in terra-cotta pots to scale the exterior walls. Stunning!

Inside at the bar, baristas brew an excellent expresso. Sorry guys, no soy milk!

Coffee and tea served in hand made terracotta tumblers, available for purchase on

The Melbourne lunchtime crowd. T-shirts screen printed by Spacecraft.

In the ‘shipping crate’ kitchen, Chef Matt Stone prepares lunch using locally grown, seasonal ingredients, with herbs freshly picked from the roof-top garden, wheat milled onsite and yoghurt and butter made from organic milk and cream.

What we ate: Squid, fennel and melon salad (in photo),$18.
And grilled zucchini, pickled lemon and dill salad $14. Yum!

Cherry and me on Queens Bridge after a fabulous lunch with the girls!

Greenhouse by Joost runs until 21st March during the 2012 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. Entry is free, however they don’t take bookings, so there might be a short wait for a table. It’s probably best to tram or train into the city as we paid more for parking then our actual meal! Oy vay! Visit for more information.

Make sure to also check out Shelly’s new lifestyle, food and fashion blog – Shelly shares her delicious, healthy recipes for the little ones and the latest trends from celebrity mothers.

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4 Responses to Greenhouse by Joost

  1. Jen says:

    Yum. I want to go now!

  2. jodi says:

    Just popped over here from Bron’s and me oh my your blog is gorgeous. My partner is also thanking you right now as he wants to move to Melbourne and Joost may have convinced me! x

  3. Cate says:

    I love your pants!!! Where are they from?

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