Winter Jonquils

Yesterday, Cherry and I went to the market to by some flowers for home. We couldn’t go past these bright yellow and orange Jonquils. They’re cheap as chips and look great in recycled jars. Oh, and I absolutely love their scent! The market smelled absolutely amazing!

I knew it would be some time before I got home, so I asked the florist for a ‘wet-pack’. She wrapped the base of the stems in wet tissue paper so they wouldn’t go thirsty.

I always make sure not to mix Jonquils or Daffodils with other flowers. I keep them in separate vases as their slimy sap can be toxic.

Before putting my flowers into water, I always trim about 2cm off the stems.

Recylced jars

For long lasting flowers, I try to change the water, rinse the vase and cut the stems every couple of days.

My tip: Avoid putting flowers near a heater or in direct sunlight. They will last longer in a cool environment and in cold clean water.

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