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Cherry Turns 5! Food Truck Picnic Party

Happy birthday Cherry! Here’s how we celebrated her 5th birthday at Hank Marvin Food Truck Market with an awesome picnic and our fabulous homemade My Little Pony cake! Even Elsa and Spiderman from Bluebell Entertainment dropped in for a play! … Continue reading

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Cherry Makes Morello Cherry Jam

Cherry and Me and the family are still here at the holiday house and making the most of this incredible area and the perfect weather! We’ve just returned home from a visit to a local cherry farm with a couple … Continue reading

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Tiger’s New Ride

The Melbourne weather has been absolutely stunning this weekend! We thought it would be nice to take Cherry and Tiger for a walk to our local cafe and the perfect opportunity to take Tiger’s new SmarTrike out for a spin. Also, … Continue reading

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Duckies and Swans II

The weather has been warming up and we decided it was the perfect day to take the kiddies to Albert Park Lake for a run around the adventure playground and down to the lake to say hello to the duckies and swans. … Continue reading

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Marysville Road Trip + Vibe Hotel

If you’re a regular Cherry and Me reader, you might know that we used to have a holiday house in Marysville, built back in 1990 by my adoring grandparents, Nana Nina and Papa Jerry. Unfortunately, our entire house was burnt to the ground … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday Tiger!!

Happy birthday to the one and only Tiger! I can’t believe it’s been two years since we welcomed our little boy into this world! On Sunday we celebrated Tiger’s 2nd Birthday in Aunty Nellie’s beautiful home, just like we did for Cherry’s … Continue reading

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