Marysville Road Trip + Vibe Hotel

If you’re a regular Cherry and Me reader, you might know that we used to have a holiday house in Marysville, built back in 1990 by my adoring grandparents, Nana Nina and Papa Jerry. Unfortunately, our entire house was burnt to the ground in the Black Saturday Bush Fires.

We regularly visit our empty property and love dropping into our favourite Yarra Valley wineries and eateries along the way. This time we decided to stay in town over night in the newly built Vibe Hotel, Marysville.

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comLet the road trip begin!

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comFirst stop along the way, Yering Station for some wine tasting

Marysville Vibe Hotel Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comMarysville Vibe Hotel Marysville Vibe Hotel Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comThen down the road to Yarra Valley Dairy to sample their locally made cheese

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comAnd we always stop for pizza, wine and coffee at Innocent Bystander before the windy drive through the Black Spur

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comOne of the most beautiful roads in the world – The Black Spur

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comClick here to see our last visit to Marysville when Tiger was still in my belly and Cherry was Tiger’s age

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comThen we arrived at the stunning Vibe Hotel, Marysville

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comA warm and smiley greeting at check-in

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comFamily protrait in the loby “Smile! It’s for the blog!”

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comOur cosy and beautiful hotel room

Marysville Vibe Hotel Then off to dinner next door at Radius Bar & Grill

Marysville Vibe Hotel Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comCherry, Tiger and their friend Leni warming up by the fire pit on a cold wintery evening

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comBedtime and Tiger’s first time sleeping in a big bed!Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comThe next morning, after a delicious buffet breaky in the hotel, we strolled down the main drag to revisit an old favourite, the Marysville Lolly Shop.

Marysville Vibe Hotel Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comA quick play in the park before driving up to our old house

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comIt’s amazing how these happy yellow jonquils are still popping up, 20 years after my Nana Nina planted them!

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comStanding on top of the hill where our place used to be, I close my eyes; the sounds and smells are exactly the same and for one moment, I’m transported back in time.

Marysville Vibe Hotel www.cherryandme.comOne sun-ray beaming down onto the exact spot our beautiful holiday house used to be. We hope to one day rebuild something special for our children in memory of Nana and Papa. This has been a truly poignant journey and blog post. Click here to read about the first time we visited our property after the bush fires.

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  1. Farmstay says:

    Your tour and the pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience with us. Vibe hotels are great in their facilities.

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