Jura Coffee Machine Review

My latest addition to our kitchen… or should I say addiction… is a fully automatic coffee machine from Jura. The Jura has become part of our morning ritual and it will be a sad day when we hand it back after our one month loan to review!

Over the past few weeks, friends and family have loved dropping in for their coffee fix or even for a cheeky espresso martini on a Saturday evening! We’ve sampled a variety of coffee beans from our favourite roasteers and even the kids have had a play, creating their own hot chocolate recipe! We thought it would be super fun to share highlights of our Jura experience with a few YouTube clips. Enjoy!

My Morning Coffee Fix

Cherry’s Kids Hot Chocolate

Jura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.com

Saturday Night Espresso MartinisJura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.comJura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.com

We’ve saved a bundle on lattes, soy lattes and espressos at home! Just to compare, an average coffee pod costs around 68 cents a pop and a freshly ground brew in the Jura machine only costs 18 cents a shot!

Jura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.comJura Coffee Machine Review www.cherryandme.com

What an incredibly fun month it’s been with the delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee wafting throughout the house and kick starting each morning with a cafe quality latte! Thank you to The Bean Bag coffee subscription for our home delivery! The beans from Flying West and the Sunshine Coast Coffee Roasteries were by far our favourites!

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  1. Can I come over please 🙂 Everything looks delish – I’d definitely sign up for one of those Martinis

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