2 Ingredient Gaston The Ladybird Cake-Pops

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Live on Stage is coming up, and to celebrate, Cherry’s made a short video showing us how to make Gaston the ladybird cake-pops with only 2 ingredients!

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Gaston Ladybird Cake-pops cherryandme.com

1. Red + Black chocolate melts
(If you can’t get your hands on coloured chocolate melts, substitute the red with white chocolate and red oil based food dye and use super dark chocolate for the black)

2. Store bought cake
(If your cake is crumbly, use a bit of cream or a splash of milk to combine it into a rich and muddy consistency. We used chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache icing from Coles)

Gaston Ladybird Cake-pops cherryandme.comIn a large bowl, crumble the cake with your fingers

Gaston Ladybird Cake-pops cherryandme.comRoll the crumbs into smooth balls. If your cake is too crumbly, use a splash of milk or cream to help it combine

Gaston Ladybird Cake-pops cherryandme.comDip those balls into the melted red chocolate and place them in the freezer to set for a few minutes. Then dip the tips in the black chocolate for Gaston’s face. We added extra red powdered food dye to make our Gastons super bright. We found the chocolate was quite thick, so we also added a few drops of vegetable oil for a runnier dip

Gaston Ladybird Cake-pops cherryandme.comWe found these gorgeous edible googley eyeballs from our local cake supply shop. You could substitute these with a spot of white and black chocolate

Gaston Ladybird Cake-pops cherryandme.comTo complete the look, draw a stripe down the centre and a few spots with the black chocolate. You could use an icing pen but we made a piping bag by filling up a small snap lock snack bag with melted warm runny chocolate and snipped a tiny hole in one corner. We also pipped a red smile and rosy cheeks for extra Gaston life-likeness 🙂

Gaston Ladybird Cake-pops cherryandme.comTa-da! Poke the bugs on cake-pop sticks and stand them up on a Styrofoam cake-stand. Keep them in the fridge before serving. Yum!

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