Frozen Yoghurt Pops

We’re totally loving the weather at the moment and enjoy spending time in our garden, having picnics and tea parties, feeding the birds and just watching the flowers grow. The sun came out this afternoon and Cherry and Me ate homemade Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt Pops. We thought we’d share our recipe with you…

Five Am Yogurt Pops cherryandme.comFive Am Yogurt Pops cherryandme.comThe ingredients are simple. Fruit and Yoghurt.
We used strawberries and five:am Mixed Berry Yoghurt Drink

Five Am Yogurt Pops cherryandme.comFrist we puréed the strawberries and poured it into icy-pole moulds

Five Am Yogurt Pops cherryandme.comWe then filled the rest up with five:am organic yoghurt

Five Am Yogurt Pops Pop them in the freezer over night or until frozen

Five Am Yogurt Pops cherryandme.comSometimes the pops are tricky to release from their mould, so our tip is to run them under hot water for a few seconds to slightly melt the outside

Five Am Yogurt Pops cherryandme.comAnd hey presto! A healthier alternative to ice-cream and so much fun to make!

Five Am Yogurt Pops cherryandme.comDelicious!

PS Cherry loves her new rainbow dress from HootKid! We blogged about HootKid back when Cherry and Me first started and we still adore the label!
Click here to see the HootKid blog post when Cherry was only 7 months old

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