Meet Baby Tiger!

Cherry and Me would like to introduce the latest member of our family… Tiger!

Cherry and Tiger www.cherryandme.comTiger (1 month), Cherry (2 years 4 months)

Cherry and Tiger“I love my baby brudda”

Cherry and Tiger www.cherryandme.comWe’re absolutely loving having a new baby in the family, especially “big sister” Cherry!

Cherry and Tiger www.cherryandme.comLook out for exciting Cherry and Tiger adventures and giveaways coming up over the next few weeks!

Cherry and Tiger www.cherryandme.comOh, and in case you were wondering, we wont be changing the name of the blog. We’re sticking with Cherry and Me!

About Cherry and me

A New Baby ♥ Photography ♥ Food ♥ Graphic Design ♥ Illustration ♥ Gardens ♥ Beautiful Interiors ♥ Contemporary Art ♥ Craft ♥ and other insights into my creative lifestyle
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  1. dreamdream936 says:

    very cute..

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