Daddy And Cherry Make Cake Pops! + GIVEAWAY

Its GIVEAWAY time on Cherry and Me!
WIN a Kambrook Ice Cream Maker
INSTAGRAM Competition!

Kambrook Icecream

To enter the running to WIN one of these fabulous Ice Cream Makers, simply:
1. Upload a pic of your little chef in the kitchen, cooking or baking, onto INSTAGRAM
2. Then tag @cherry_and_me  &  @kambrookau
We’ll chose our favourite image and will send the winner their prize in the mail!
Entries close 31/07/13


Our new baby is due any day now! Daddy has been spending more time with Cherry while I rest as much as I can before the big day. Last weekend, Cherry and her Daddy made cake pops in our new Kambrook Cake Pop Machine. It was so easy to use and the cake pops turned out great!


2_CakePops“Look mummy, we’re making cake pops!”

4_CakePops www.cherryandme.comMeasuring out all the ingredients



8_CakePops www.cherryandme.comDaddy scoops the cake batter into the machine

9_CakePops“Daddy, can I lick the bowl?”


11_CakePops www.cherryandme.comMienkki and Cherry waiting patiently for the cake pops to cook


13_CakePops“Hurry up and cool down so I can eat you!”

14_CakePops www.cherryandme.comCherry pokes the sticks in while Daddy coats the cakes in melted chocolate



17_CakePops“We did it!”

18_CakePops www.cherryandme.comHappy little Cherry!

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