Jimmy Giggle Interview + Concert Tickets GIVEAWAY!

Over the Summer holidays we took Cherry to see her first ever children’s concert – Giggle and Hoot! She absolutely loved it and we were lucky enough to meet Jimmy Giggle in person after the show! We also asked him a few cheeky question. Read on for our exclusive interview with Jimmy Rees aka Jimmy Giggle!






6_Giggle_HootWaiting after the show to meet Jimmy Giggle!

7_Giggle_HootCherry giving Jimmy our Cherry and Me business card to look at our blog. So cute!


What where you doing before you became Jimmy Giggle and how did you get the roll?
I was working in hospitality before I got the roll and I had an interest in drama and theater. I thought to myself, I don’t want to be working full time in hospitality, so I sent in an auditioned video for Me on 3, a talent search for a new ABC kids channel. I made it to the second round of auditions. I didn’t hear from them for a while, but then they called me up and told me about a new show for younger kids called Giggle and Hoot. I auditioned for the show and I got the job.

Who recognises you more when you’re out in public, kiddies or their parents?
It’s mainly the mums or the dads that call me out and say “Hey look, there’s Jimmy Giggle!” I think the kids would if I had my costume on. 

Are you aware there’s a “Jimmy Giggle Appreciation Society” Facebook Page for the mums and what do you think about it?
Yes I do know this. It’s quite funny actually. There’s a few different web pages. My fiancé and I have discovered them over the years. She brings them up sometimes and we have a little laugh about it but it’s all in good fun. My favourite one is “I could teach Jimmy Giggle a thing or two”. Even though I don’t comment on them, I have seen them!

So you’re engaged! When’s the wedding?
Yes, we’re getting married this year. We’ve been together a few years now. I popped the question last year and we’re looking forward to the wedding and then the Honeymoon. It should be a good break. I’ve been pretty busy with the stage tour this year.

Where are you going for your Honeymoon?
Fiji. We’re just going to lay on the beach!

Has your TV persona ever helped you to get things in your personal life?
I’ve got one friend in particular who loves to provoke me and say “Come on, tell them who you are!” But I’m proud to say I’ve never used that before.

What do you wear to bed?
Not the Giggle and Hoot pyjamas unfortunately. I get too hot in bed so I usually wear pyjama shorts. I gave my fiancé a pair of Giggle and Hoot pyjamas and she wears them sometimes. It’s quite funny, she pops out and says “Heeeey”! 

And now for our GIVEAWAY…Giggle_Hoot_Concert

WiN one of 3 x double passes to Giggle & Hoot and Friends Live on Stage in QLD, WA or NSW!

To enter the draw to WIN, Simply share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter or both! Cut and paste this link into your status and tell your friends about our giveaway:  https://www.cherryandme.com/2013/05/jimmy-giggle-interview-concert-tickets-giveaway/
Then leave a comment telling us you’ve entered and which state you live in.  LIKE our Facebook page too! Entries close 08/06/13

QPAC Concert Hall
Monday 24 June – 4.00pm
Tuesday 25th June – 10am, 12noon
Wednesday 26 June – 10am, 12noon
Bookings: 136 246

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre – Riverside Theatre
Saturday 29 June – 6.00pm
Sunday 30 June – 9.30am & 12noon
Bookings: 132 849

Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
Thursday 4th July – 4.00pm & 6.00pm
Friday 5th July – 11am, 1pm, 3pm
Saturday 6th July – 11am, 1pm
Sunday 7th July – 11am, 1pm
Bookings: 02 9250 7777

9_Giggle_HootBye bye!

A massive THANK YOU to Little Melbourne for providing Cherry and Me tickets to the show! Visit their gorgeous blog for more fun adventures to take the kiddies along to!

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    Excellent competition!!!!
    My daughter loves the show, the characters !!!
    Her first birthday cake was a 3d hoot & mini hootabell !!!

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