The Convenient Kitchen + 3 GIVEAWAYS!

It seems you can order anything online these days! A few weeks ago we ordered our weekly dinners, home delivered via The Convenient Kitchen. TCK organise and deliver ingredients and recipes for 3 or 5 delicious, healthy and easy to prepare dinners for couples and families.

1_TCK Cherryandme.comCherry inspecting our delivery

This is what we made on night one2_TCK cherryandme.comMexican chilli beef on rice with avocado salad

3_TCK cherryandme.comChilli, beef, tomatos and spices


7_TCK cherryandme.comThumbs up from Mr Cherry

Night two8_TCK cherryandme.comChar-grilled chicken and corn with Zucchini Pilaf


11_TCK cherryandme.comZucchini pilaf


And this is what we made on the third night14_TCK cherryandme.comPrawn, coconut & garlic pasta



It’s GIVEAWAY time…TCK cherryandme.com3 Lucky Cherry and Me readers will WIN 3 nights worth of The Convenient Kitchen dinners!

To enter the draw to WIN, simply:
1. Go to The Convenient Kitchen‘s website and sign up to the mailing list:
(fill out your email address in the “Get fresh TCK news” section on the home page)
2. Leave a comment on this post telling us who’s in your family and why you’d like to win.
3. Tell your friends about this fabulous competition buy sharing this link on Facebook!

Terms & Conditions:
– Entries close midnight 01/06/2013 
– The winner must live in Melbourne. To find out if TCK deliver to you, click here
– Delivery will be between 3:00pm – 7:30pm on a Monday afternoon
– If you are not planning on being home, please leave out an eski with ice
– TCK will send you a reminder text on Sunday evening
– Three winners will be selected and notified privately via email. If we do not hear a response within one week, another winner will be drawn.


PS. It’s week 33 and not long to go now before baby #2 comes along! Things are slowing down and I may be spacing my weekly blog posts to every other week. Stay in touch via the Cherry and Me Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter feeds for all the lastest news.

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16 Responses to The Convenient Kitchen + 3 GIVEAWAYS!

  1. Kim Featherstone says:

    I am single mum to 2 girls who are fussy… I think these beautiful fresh looking ingredients that they could help me make would get them more inclined to try new things

  2. Melanie Moran says:

    I am a busy mum to 3 wonderful kiddies and a workaholic hubby. Finding time to shop for food is always a chore, I always end up with so much junk in the trolley as I give in too easily to whinging children. Finding time to cook on weeknights is a mad rush after dancing, karate, gymnastics, swimming, netball and basketball activities….oh, and did I mention school and playdates. The Convenient Kitchen looks like the perfect solution to ensure a healthy dinner for all, and allowing something different other than the constant Spag Bol, Chicken Schnitzel & Mash, and Tacos!

  3. Lindy King says:

    I have 2 boys and a hubby to feed. Life is hectic between working, homework, football and basketball training and the games to go with it. These meals from The Convenient Kitchen look great, and easy to make. Ideal for our busy lifestyle, nutritious and would add a bit of variety to mealtime.

  4. Kathryn C says:

    In Our Family there is my Husband and I and my two little angels Miss 4 and Master 1. They all keep me very busy and on my toes. This means some nights are so hectic I don’t get a chance to cook a yummy, wholesome meal. This prize looks amazing. What a fantastic idea!!! All the produce looks yummy and fresh and so do your meals. So convenient that everything you need is there ready for you! Love it 🙂

  5. Charmaine Campbell says:

    I have a husband with incurable cancer, who really needs to eat healthy to stay healthy, a 9 year old son who is trying to eat us out of house and home, and a 5 year old daughter who barely eats anything at dinnertime! Trying to please everybody is getting harder and harder and my motivation for cooking is struggling. These meals looks delicious and healthy, perfect for us! That’s why I want to win, I need the inspiration!

  6. Gizella King says:

    We are a family of 4 with 2 little ones who love to try new and exciting food. They especially love helping me cook and getting things in the post – how cool would it be to combine the two!! We would all love to win….. (please)

  7. Nicole Zois says:

    I am a busy mum to 3 young children with a husband who works nights. Dinner time is always stressful, so this would make things so much easier, no shopping and little preparation!!! A healthy dinner on the table, that the kids could help with, would be a god send!!!

  8. Jenny Swift says:

    Having three cheeky children all under four,
    Makes grocery shopping a bit of a chore!
    Creating nutritious meals that are easy and fast,
    Has become a near impossible tricky task!
    Throw in a fussy hubby with the children three,
    And I’m left at a loss at what we should eat!
    But having healthy ingredients and recipes delivered to my door,
    Would be so helpful and time-saving, I couldn’t ask for more!
    The Convenient Kitchen would make our dinner time a breeze…
    Having a healthy yet easy home-cooked meal each night? Yes please!

    (I’m subscribed to the TCK mailing list and have shared the giveaway on Facebook) 🙂

  9. Ang t says:

    C – children x2
    O – over thinking of new recipes
    N- nice and easy meals
    V- very convenient straight to your door!
    E- excellent quality ingredients
    N- never been easier with the food and recipe
    I- ingredients are fresh
    E- excellent variety recipes
    N – nice and simple
    T- too convenient

    As a struggling single stressed out mum I need this for my girls as my youngest is soo fussy and its tiring trying to come up with food she will eat, her older sister is great with food and loves to try new and exciting recipes,she wants to be a chef and loves to help cook so this is perfect as she can help, it’s very hard even grocery shopping with 2 kids when your on a strict budget this food would help us soo much!!

  10. annelies turnbull says:

    we would love to win because we havw tried it before and loved it x

  11. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    With five members in our household my husband is a busy cook each night – yes I say my husband as he is our cook, chef and recipe finder. I am a dreadful cook (or at least I’ve convinced him of that over the years!) so he has resignedly taken over. All those years of being influenced by my mum. She would constantly complain as I grew up, about hating cooking. I naturally took on this dislike, and aren’t I milking it for all it’s worth now!!! Well if he waited for me to cook we would be having toast or cereal each night. This would be a real treat for him. I really would like to do something to say thank you as he really does take the best of care of us.

  12. Mel says:

    I work three days a week, my husband works long hours and the two little ones (4 and 2) go to childcare when I’m at work. Some help with meals on those days would be wonderful!

  13. Jen says:

    Just me and my man. Generally tired after work but love cooking. Love TCK concept – easy meal ideas that enhance your cooking repertoire. Already salivating xxx

  14. Erica says:

    Its just me and my partner at home, but with full time (demanding) work and full time study fitting in meal planning, shopping and cooking can be hard at the end of a long day. It would be so great to have TCK make it easy for us!

  15. Erica Whittaker says:

    Just me and my Mum!

    My poor Mum!
    she wants food thats fun!
    I cook her boring foods like spag bog,
    I need quick recipes at the end of a hard days slog!

    Reading about The Convenient Kitchen
    where easy is not a sin!
    Sounds like a dream come true!
    Id love to win this prize so my Mum doesnt sue! :-O

    I have subscribed to the TCK mailing list and

    I have shared on Facebook:

    Thankyou for having this awesome giveaway!

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