Healesville Sanctuary, Innocent Bystander & Marysville

Yesterday we took a long drive to test out our new car. We dove up through the beautiful Yarra Valley and thought it would be nice to take Cherry to Healesville Sanctuary, followed by lunch at our favourite cellar door, Innocent Bystander.

1_Healesville cherryandme.com  3_Healesville cherryandme.comKanga-doos

4_Healesville cherryandme.com

5_Healesville cherryandme.comCherry and her daddy

7_Healesville cherryandme.comPeering through the rocks to find the goannas

9_Healesville cherryandme.comBirdie watching

10_Healesville cherryandme.com

11_Healesville cherryandme.comCherry and Me

12_Healesville cherryandme.com  14_Healesville cherryandme.comFruit bats!

15_Healesville cherryandme.comLuck Cherry got a toy Kanga-doo with a baby joey to take home

17_Healesville cherryandme.comReady to order lunch at Innocent Bystander

18_Healesville cherryandme.com

19_Healesville cherryandme.comKanga-doo sneaking a sip of Moscato Slushy

20_Healesville cherryandme.com

21_Healesville cherryandme.comLunch

26_Healesville cherryandme.com

22_Healesville cherryandme.comThen we dropped into Marysville to re-visit our property that burnt down in the 2009 Black Saturday Bush-fires

24_Healesville cherryandme.comWe felt a little bit sad but celebrated life with a toast to my late grandparents who buit the house in 1990. Then we breathed in the crisp mountain air, listened to the Marysville birdies and reminisced for a while. Cherry absolutely loved the place and we knew we’d have to re-build here again one day.

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