Aunty Nise Comes To Visit

2_Pompoms cherryandme.comYesterday Cherry’s Aunty Nise came over to play

1_Pompoms cherryandme.comTea for two


4_Pompoms cherryandme.comCherry showed Aunty Nise her newly converted cot-bed


How to make a pom-pom with Aunty Nise6_Pompoms

Aunty Nise is one crafty chick and taught Cherry how to make a pompom.
This is what they used:
– Wool
– Scissors
– 2 circles cut out from cardboard with a smaller circular whole in the centre

7_Pompoms cherryandme.comTo make the cardboard circle templates, trace around a glass for the outer circle and around a bottle top for the inner circle.

8_Pompoms cherryandme.comStart by tying a long piece of wool around both of the circles laying flat together

11_Pompoms cherryandme.comWarp the wool around the circles

10_Pompoms cherryandme.comKeep wrapping around and around

9_Pompoms cherryandme.comTo make a thick pom-pom, wrap another few layers around the circle. If you run out of wool, tie on another long piece. Don’t worry about the knots because you can trim them off later.

12_Pompoms cherryandme.comYou can use different coloured wools to make multicoloured pom-poms

13_Pompoms cherryandme.comOnce you’ve completed wrapping, insert the tip of your scissors in between the two cardboard circles and snip the wool all the way around

14_Pompoms cherryandme.comSlip in a piece of wool in between the circles

15_Pompoms cherryandme.comSecure a tight knot

16_Pompoms cherryandme.comThen remove the circles, trim any stray strands and hay presto, you’ve made a pom-pom!

17_Pompoms cherryandme.comTa-da!

Did you know Aunty Nise also writes a healthy lifestyle blog?
She shares great tips on Eating Healthly and Living
For weekly inspiration follow her on Facebook and Twitter too.

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