Happy Purim!

Purim is my favourite holiday on the Jewish calendar. It’s a day where school children commemorate a biblical story by dressing up in fancy costumes, giving to charity and eating Hamantaschen, traditional triangular cookies filled with jam.

Purim has a special place in my heart as it bring up nostalgic memories of having the most fun possible with my friends. I remember arriving at school one Purim and the headmaster announced on the loud speaker “school is canceled for today!” The entire campus, teachers and all, hopped on a convoy of buses and spent the day at Luna Park, exclusively booked out for us! Amazing!

6_Purim www.cherryandme.comMe aged 4

So you can imagine the excitement I shared this week when Cherry celebrated her first Purim at Kinda. This is what she wore:

1_Purim www.cherryandme.com

2_Purim www.cherryandme.com

3_Purim www.cherryandme.com

5_Purim www.cherryandme.com

4_Purim www.cherryandme.com

As you can imagine, I love dressing up! I was Minnie Mouse for a costume party recently and you can see the photos here.  There’s also a cute retro costume party post here too. Oh and while your checking out other posts, drop into my mum’s Black Leather Leopard-skin Vodka Party! It’s hilarious!

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