Cherry Loves Cherries + GIVEAWAY!

Cherry just loooves cherries! She was bursting with joy when our box of Turnbull Brothers cherries arrived on our doorstep!

Our beautiful box of cherries arrived to us chilled with 3 packs of delicious chocolate coated almonds, macadamias and cherries


…and now for the GIVEAWAY!

This week, one lucky Cherry and Me follower will WIN this box of Cherries delivered right to their doorstep just in time for Christmas! To enter the draw, simply LIKE Cherry and Me on Facebook and then share this link on your Facebook wall.

Entries close midnight 15/12/12. The winner will be selected at random and notified via email. Good luck!


Cherry’s Cherry Tarte Tartan

In a frypan with a metal handel, melt 50g butter with 1/3 cup of brown sugar until a golden dark caramel forms

Throw in 500g of pitted cherries. We invested in a cherry de-pipper to make life so much easier.

Cook those beauties for 5 minutes

Turn the flame off and cover with a sheet of store bought puff pastry

Place the pan in a pre-heated over at 210 degrees and cook for 20 minutes


Quickly flip the tarte onto a plate

Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Yummy!

Thank you to my darling husband for taking these gorgeous photos.
Happy Wedding Anniversary! I LOVE YOU!!! XOX

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39 Responses to Cherry Loves Cherries + GIVEAWAY!

  1. omg had to enter what an awesome comp beautifulto have a box delivered

  2. Kathryn Cavalieri says:

    Oh yummy that looks so delicious!!! 🙂

  3. sue petrie says:


  4. We love cherries lots and lots here, however I think I love that wooden box even more. Much more pretty than the giant supermarket bag we usually have.

  5. Jane Whelan says:

    With 3 pregnancies Cherries were the only thing l ever craved. Unfortunately on my second pregnancy Cherries weren’t in season. I got my Cherries finally the day after l had my daughter, Nov 13th my birthday.. LOL My sister in law brought me in a bowl of cherries into the hospital for me. Now every birthday l anxiously await the arrival of cherries. Would really love to win this l could eat a 2kg bag without being sick when l was expecting…. Yum!

  6. Wendy Darcy says:


  7. Jane Whelan says:

    Share this pages link to my Facebook wall as well, also subscribes and liked your page. And love your Cherries of course.

  8. eve guest says:

    Remember enjoying cherries when I was a little girl,mum always recalls that there were twice as many cherry sticks as pips left on the plate !!!! guess I enjoyed them too much,…..these cherries look so good.

  9. cody whelan says:

    my mum’s favorite fruit. l have shared the facebbok page, liked and shared this page too.

  10. that looks so delious im going to have to try it and have you made jam yet cherry and strawberry yumm the kids love it or just cherry oh the things i would cook up for christmas with a box of fresh cherries i keep a lot to eat but would make jam and a baked fresh cherry pie for christmas day deep dish oh i can smell the pie mum would do this when we went and picked our own in silvan at the farms up there. oh a must is Cherry Ice Cream and try your own cherrie ripes they are so easy i could eat these till im sick my kids love my mums they say nans are better than the shop.mum calls them cherrie bites.and put some in liquor oh they are beautiful let them sit for awhile then eat not to many or you will get drunk and adults only 🙂 love the giveaway

  11. linda Hynson says:

    they look just awesome in that box!!

  12. Natalie Stoute says:

    I have just entered your giveaway and new subscriber too! Thanks for the chance, we love cherries here!

  13. Kimberly Featherstone says:

    OMG I LOVE Cherries so much… love this time of year when they are readily available to eat..!!!!

  14. Lindy Lou King says:

    oh I love love love cherries!! Have shared on facebook (and tried not to drool!)

  15. Cathy Bowdler says:

    My Nanna used to preserve cherries in liquer, they looked so pretty given as gifts for Christmas with a big red gold and red bow around the neck of the jar. Your Tarte looks awesome.

  16. trudi okeefe says:

    i cant afford to buy cherries,so this would be the best prize for me to win ,it would be a real special treat,great comp.thanks

  17. Jennifer B. says:

    JUST what I need for the start of the home-made ice-cream season!

  18. Robyn Palmer says:

    I love the box as well but we fight over cherries in this house because hubby reckons we only buy them for him. He gets really bad gout & the doctor told him that cherries will help rid of gout & so far it has worked. The small round miracle red balls.

  19. kimberley Headford says:

    Christmas and cherries, they go so perfectly together
    adults savour them and kids have them dangling like earrings

  20. Larabelle says:

    What a lovely…and unusual gift this beautiful box of cherries would make!

  21. mellie jane says:

    Entered fingers crossed what a lovely prize for christmas!

  22. Clair says:

    That looks so nice! Your little girls face when she is opening up the cherries is darling =)

  23. Lee says:

    I just love it when Cherry season starts! Even the box they come in looks good!

  24. rebecca says:

    Yum, that box looks delish. What a great way to get exposure for your blog too.

  25. ang says:

    single mum with 2 kids who loveee cherries they would eat them all day non stop I was the same as a kid and even now as a adult but the cost is the only factor that has to slow us down I know if I won this would make their xmas come true they are huge fruit eaters and by winning this I would share some with my family xmas day so the best of both worlds!

  26. Lauren says:

    I love those photos!!! I will have to get my two girls (3&1.5) some cherries tomorrow I think – you’ve inspired me! It will be the youngest’s first taste – cant wait to see what she thinks!

    I’ve also shared the link, so if I win, wonderful, but if I don’t, I got such joy and inspiration from those photos I just had to comment regardless to thank you 🙂

  27. Rebecca Bird says:

    I love cherries, they’re my favourite!! A whole box would make me a very happy girl!!
    Have shared –

  28. We don’t ordinarily buy cherries because of the cost per kg, but they would be a special treat for my family and in-laws if they were to take pride and place on the Christmas table this year. Would love to win a box!!! We’d have 5 adults and 3 children indulging, plus those drop ins that always occur on Christmas Day.

  29. Deb says:

    mmmm,mmmm, mmmm, a great cherry is even better than chocolate (probably the only thing that is) and these look seriously goooood 🙂

  30. sue petrie says:

    love cherries with chocolate

  31. Karlene says:

    Such beautiful presentation! A great corporate gift idea.

  32. wow that was so sweet, would love to have those cherries delivered to my doorstep too 😉 cherry plus vanilla ice cream perfect for a sweet celebration

  33. cath woods says:

    Box of cherries
    It’s christmas time again
    Sweet CHERRY flavour
    the fruit that we savour
    While drinking our moet champagne

  34. ron says:

    I would like to show my granddaughters cherry earring’s like we did as kids

  35. Joselle Griffin says:

    Awesome giveaway! If I don’t win I’m going to have to buy some yo make this! Thsnk you!

  36. Val C. says:

    I can almost taste them, love this time of the year!

  37. Kimberly Featherstone says:

    OMG, I love Cherries… another reason Christmas is the best time of the year

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