How To Make A Terrarium

Terrariums are so hot right now! This week I’m going to show you how to make one.I bought this gorgeous terrarium earlier this year from the Melbourne Flower Expo

To keep these Venus Fly Traps happy, they need to be fed live flies. It’s incredible watching the plants gobble them down, but so hard to catch a fly without squashing it!

This gave me an idea to convert my burned out glass candle into a mini terrarium! I used hot water to remove the remaining wax and polished up the glass until it was sparkling like new.

First I scooped in some soil from my garden. Terrariums do not have a drainage hole to release excess water. So, for larger models its important you start with a layer of pebbles or course sand before the soil. For a terrarium with a closed lid, sprinkling a layer of active charcoal over the pebbles to keep the air fresh. (This type of charcoal is used in aquarium filters so you can purchase it at your local pet shop)

Then I went hunting in the shady spots of my garden for some moss

Alternatively you can buy Sphagnum Moss from your local florist or plant nursery

I love that the moss if flowering this time of year. What a pretty feature for my mini garden!

Succulents are prefect plants for terrariums as they don’t require a lot or water. They can also be planted by sticking an off cut, or even just a leaf, directly in the soil. No roots required! I also found this tiny ceramic bunny to pop in to create a mini scape.

Ta-da! I think this will look divine in my bathroom. All it needs is a cool and well lit spot, out of direct sunlight and a couple of squirts of a spray bottle every so often.

The fun didn’t stop there! Here’s what else I created:Recycled tin cans make sweet little pots for succulents. Remember to hammer a couple of drainage holes down the bottom first to prevent root rot.

And lastly, I bought these turquoise ceramic swans a while ago at a vintage market. I planted these little beauties about 4 years ago and they’re still going strong!

I love terrariums as there’s somethings very nostalgic and grandma-chic about them. On the rare days when I don’t have fresh cut flowers in my home, I like to pop a terrarium in the center of the coffee table for a but of indoor-nature.

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