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Cherry is turning into a mini me, following in my creative footsteps and copying everything I do! She just loves drawing. Drawing on her sketch pad, in books, on the coffee table, on the walls…  you name it! I gave her a few sticks of coloured chalk for outside, knowing it will all wash out the next time it rains. At first she drew on the concrete tiles, but my little creative angle decided to take things one step further and draw over everything in sight! Luckily I had my trusty pack of Method biodegradable non-toxic wipes to clean down daddy’s BBQ!

And just like her mummy, Cherry started cleaning too! What a good girl!

It’s a good thing those wipes are free of chemical nasties for her little hands!

Cherry and the Poppies

Inside now to wash your hands young lady!

Now your hands are going to smell like candy cane!

Wash wash

Splash splash

Cherry’s two favourite things; Penguins and Bubbles!

Daddy squirts Squeaky Green Baby Bubbly Bath and the water smells like marshmallows!

So yummy you could eat it! But Cherry, please don’t…

Cherry and Me are super excited for Method’s limited edition of hand washes and dish soaps just intime for the Festive Season!

Frosted Fir smells like a pine plantation and Candy Cane is minty sweet!

We also love the smell of Ginger Yuzu

If you’d like to make the switch to non-toxic, chemical free and biodegradable cleaning products, visit for online shopping.

Happy cleaning!

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