The Kewpie Kollection

My Aunty Nellie is ‘Krazy for Kewpies’, just like her great-niece, Cherry! Here is a snapshot of some of the best pieces in her ‘Kewpie Kollection’.

Nellie’s Kewpie display in her kitchen

Cherry and the Kewpie

Hand knitted Kewpie dress

Top left: Melbourne Weekly ‘Favourite Things’ interview with Nellie.

New and antique Kewpies

Porcelain Kewpies by Sybil Abbot

 Kewpie sculpture by Emma Davis

Tattoo Kewpie

Kangaroo Kewpie and Koala Kewpie

Where’s Cherry?

If you have an amazing collection that I should know about, please get in touch by leaving a comment. x Elle

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4 Responses to The Kewpie Kollection

  1. Kate says:

    You know what?
    I have a kewpie collection on a shelf in my kitchen that is completely inspired by Nellie’s collection. My famer boy is a bit spooked my mine though and I am thinking they might need to be relocated to the sewing room.
    Loving our two degrees of separation. x

  2. I love this collection — too kewte 😉

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