Tiger’s New Kicks + Bobux GIVEAWAY!!

When Bobux approached Tiger and Me to try their latest designs for toddlers, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait for Tiger to take them for a test drive. We attended the official launch last Friday and brought our camera along to snap what we saw. Plus, scroll down to watch Cherry’s Bobux Shoe Review and see how you could WIN your very own pair!


We’ve teamed up with Bobux to GIVEAWAY a pair to one lucky Cherry and Me follower!

To enter the draw, simply visit https://www.bobux.com.au/blog/reasons-kids-have-right-shoes.html and tell us one reason to choose the right shoes for your child . Either leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. Make sure you LIKE our Facebook page while you’re there too!

The winner will have the choice between The new Bobux Blaze (1.5 – 5 years) or The Origin ONE xplorer (10mths – 2 years). Entries close 04/03/16 midnight. Open to Australian + New Zealand residents only. The winner will be selected at random and notified privately via email or message.

Bobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.comBobux Cherryandme.comBobux make shoes for 0 – 5 year olds that are the best thing parents can do for their kid’s feet. Combining both style and function, Bobux create shoes so your kids are free to grow and develop healthy feet for life.

Bobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.comBobux Cherryandme.comTiger getting professionally fitted in a pair of Blaze Hi Top Sharks
   Bobux Cherryandme.comBobux Cherryandme.comIn the rush to get Cherry off to school and Tiger ready for the launch, I skipped breaky and was sooooo excited to see the Healthy Self Co table full of amazing, mouth watering delights!

Bobux Cherryandme.com   Bobux Cherryandme.comBobux Cherryandme.comBobux Cherryandme.comPerfect for bouncing!

Bobux Cherryandme.comDelicious cold pressed juices from Impressed

Here’s Cherry’s Review about her brother’s new pair of Bobux!

The next day we packed a picnic and headed to Como House for a play with Cherry, Tiger, Daddy and Me, to test out Tiger’s new kicks! We found a beautiful old giant tree, perfect for climbing and exploring!

Bobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.comHome made chicken baguettes

Bobux Cherryandme.comBobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.comBehind the scenes of Cherry’s YouTube review

Bobux Cherryandme.comBobux Cherryandme.comBobux Cherryandme.com Bobux Cherryandme.com

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17 Responses to Tiger’s New Kicks + Bobux GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Kathryn C says:

    These shoes are just gorgeous! One reason to choose the right shoe is comfort! Comfort plays a major part in picking the right shoe

  2. Elie bull says:

    I’d love some of these gorgeous shoes for my little crazy toddler. The most important reason for picking the right shoes is to look after precious delicate growing feet.

  3. Evelyn Hubbard says:

    All 5 reasons are so important, but here’s my one reason for choosing the right shoes: Flexibility! All of these points listed in the article are EXACTLY why I would love these Bobux shoes for my super-active 3 year old:
    Easy to get on
    Durable and long-lasting
    And enable natural walking
    She LOVES going barefoot, as I know I did when I was a kid, and I let her as much as possible. Unfortunately, she can’t go barefoot everywhere, like kinder, the backyard that’s riddled with bindiis (they are NASTY and not something you want embedded in your foot) or pretty much going anywhere when out like shopping, the playground etc.
    I thought the shoes I bought from K-Mart for $20 were pretty good (I don’t have much to spend on shoes and as it was lots for that particular store I thought they’d be stellar), but they aren’t as easy to put on as I thought, the soles are a bit stiffer than I hoped and they are already falling apart! Ugh.
    These Bobux shoes would be perfect for her and she loves the blues and greens of boys shoes, so I love that she’s excited to wear anything. The more durable the better! Thank you very much for the chance to replace her already falling apart after wearing a handful of times shoes with these amazing ones!

  4. Caroline Kelly says:

    Rapid Growth

  5. Fiona says:

    Durable and long-lasting! So important with kids!

  6. Ying Ying TAN says:

    FLEXIBILITY weighs more than pure gold in our house, especially when it comes to choosing the right pair for my little one. We seem to be in a RUSH ALL the time and it is ALWAYS a struggle to get out of the house. A flexible shoe would be one that is easy to put on and can grow with my bub’s rapid growing feet. Thank you for this opportunity to try out this amazing Bobux range, am sure my little man would be busy exploring with comfort and style!

  7. blake haugen says:

    Definitely comfort! The right shoe and size for growing feet. The Bobux range looks wonderful, having read reviews I would very much like my son to have the best!

  8. Sally Baker says:

    All 5 reasons are extremely important but I think Comfort would come in at number 1 for me. There’s nothing worse than discomfort along with sore little feet.

  9. christine morris says:

    I would love a pair of these for my Granddaughter, she is always running about lots of Energy, I find that having the correct Shoe size and comfort is very important, Thanks for the chance 🙂

  10. Rachel McQueen says:

    Bobux shoes are amazing, they always fit so well and my little girl never gets sore feet or blisters.
    These new shoes look amazing, we would love a pair.

  11. Carolyn Chua says:

    We love Bobux shoes. They are extremely comfortable, beautifully designed and of course more importantly, they cater to little growing feet.

  12. Loz says:

    The designs look fab and I love the Bobux philosophy! My kids will love these (& will look super cute)!

  13. Tollee Elliott says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter in this competition.

    One reason to get the right shoes for your child is Comfort!

    I can’t say enough how great Bobux shoes have been for my daughter. When I was pregnant I bought all these adorable shoes but soon learnt that they didn’t fit right. She had the chubbiest little feet and they looked like they were digging into the tops of her feet. I wouldn’t put them on her, it felt mean. I searched the internet and asked around and that’s when I found out about Bobux shoes and they are just perfect! My daughter won’t wear anything else now and is almost 5. Not even her twinkle toes her nana got her for Xmas. I would love to win her some of these awesome new Blaze shoes as they would be great for a sports shoe when she starts school soon.

    Goodluck everyone = )

  14. Eva Kiraly says:

    Little feet are still growing so we don’t want to distort their growth by wearing ill fitting shoes!

  15. Wendy Darcy says:

    These look wonderful gorgeous little shoes for gorgeous little people

  16. Ok, I saved the best for last.  Just look at these little tennies!  This is the Scribble shoe in red and I will cry the day that she grows out of them.

  17. Natalie Murnane says:

    Breathability, summer can get quite warm and having a child cry and not want their shoes because their too hot can make mums life a pain in the back when I have to carry her.

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