Newa Skin Rejuvenation System – Product Review

A few weeks ago, a group of us bloggers were invited to a ladies lunch to launch an exciting new product. NEWA – an at home skin rejuvenation system

NEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comNEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comI’d never heard of this sort of home treatment before and was super keen to take one home to trial and review!

NEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comLadies at lunch learning more about Newa

NEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comThis is what we took home to trail and review

NEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comThe Newa kit includes a hand-held machine, a power supply, a tube of activation gel and a storage bag

NEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comNEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comNEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comNEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comNEWA Skin NEWA Skin

So how does it work?
The Newa directs precise amounts of heat into the dermas layer of your skin. This immediately tightens your skin and triggers productions of new collagen with long-term results.

What areas can you treat?
You can only use the machine on certain areas of  your face. The upper cheek, lower cheek and under your chin and jawline. I really wanted to use it on my forehead but was told the machine is only designed for those specific areas.

How do you use it?
The machine has a timer on it – 4 minutes per area. Once you’ve applied the activating gel on the metal prongs, you position it on your face, flick the switch on and rub in a circular motion for 4 minutes on each area, until the timer automatically turns off. The automatic timer was one of my favourite features.

How often do you use it?
The results will be most effective if you use the machine 5 times a week for one month. They also suggest to use it regularly once or twice a week for maintenance.

How does it feel?
It feels like a very warm and deep face massage. Quite pleasant but sometimes can get a little hot. You can switch to a lower setting if the heat is too strong. After 15 days, my skin felt more tight and looked even better after 30 days of use.

Any side effects?
You must follow the instructions carefully! It’s quite easy to use. Immediately after use, your face may look a little red like you’ve just stepped out of a hot shower. Nothing to worry about as it goes away quite quickly.

A few other points I’d like to make…
This is quite a commitment! You’ll need to be prepared to use the machine regularly for the recommended duration. I found this quite challenging. At the end of my long day, chasing after two little children, I just wanted to hop into bed but had to make time to use the Newa. I only used the machine on the upper and lower parts of my cheek and skipped under the jaw to save time. I found rubbing along the underneath of my jaw a little uncomfortable as it’s quite boney. All up it took 24 minutes of face rubbing followed by washing off the activation gel. I must admit the gel smelt really nice!

The benefits?
Newa claims to reduce wrinkles by up to %45 and make your skin feel tighter and more radiant looking. I did feel and see a difference after my 30 day trial, so overall, I’m impressed with how this pain-free and safe too use hand held machine works. Also, the system retails at $499 so it’s an economical alternative to salon treatments.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…NEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comBefore

NEWA Skin www.cherryandme.comAfter

Can you spot the difference?
For more info visit Available now at Shaver Shop $499.

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8 Responses to Newa Skin Rejuvenation System – Product Review

  1. Cathy Stone says:

    Best beauty tip is Your Smile , you can use it everyday to make you feel beautiful and it enhances your natural beauty

  2. Jasmine says:

    When drying makeup brushes, hang them upside down. Drying them upside down means less bacteria/dust will fall back onto the brush. If you stand them upright after washing them, the water will seep into the brush holder and loosen up the glue in the handle.

  3. IT really worked on you! Your skin looks great! I noticed I had deeper crows feet after I had Charlie. I couldn’t believe how much the sleep deprivation affected the ageing process.
    My best beauty tip was seeing a dermatologist. She recommended QV Wash for pimples and an oil free moisturiser with SPF. The great thing was that the face wash was way cheaper than any of the gimmick face washes and worked better than anything I ever tried. My husband started doing the same regime as me and his skin got better too. I just gave some QV wash to my teen sister-inlaw and I’m interested to see if she has fewer pimples, that will be the true test.

  4. Kara says:

    Definitely hydration. People are busy covering their faces in ‘stuff’ to make their skin better when if you drink a good amount of hydrating water per day you will have glowing skin that is clear and looks healthy!

  5. Sarah T says:

    My best beauty tip is always wear sunscreen! Every day, through sun and rain under makeup, EVERY DAY. Its amazing the sun damage it will prevent.

  6. karina l says:

    I lather my skin with sunscreen because no amount of make up and anti-wrinkle cream can fix a sun damaged leathery face!

  7. Rosslyn Tadd says:

    Always wear natural products without chemicals keeps you healthy and youthful

  8. Amanda Gorton says:

    Entered on Facebook

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