Road Trippin’ in a Mercedes-Benz Valente

How often can I say that Mercedes-Benz wanted to loan me a Valente for the week to test drive and review! Pretty lucky indeed! The Nuffnang sponsored post coincided with Easter, so of course we loaded up our ride and headed down to our holiday house on the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comMichael handing me the keys at the South Melbourne dealership. The staff were all very welcoming and offered me an espresso in the comfy lounge on arrival. Thanks for the tour of the huge multi-leveled showroom!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comMy ride! Mercedes-Benz Valente was awarded People Mover of the Year 2012 + 2013

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comThis beauty came with dual sunroofs, one in the front and a mega double window in the back

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comBarry the Car Seat Fitter, installing Cherry and Tiger’s seats. This car would be perfect for a family of two of more kids!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comFully loaded in the boot but still plenty of room inside!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comWe even packed our cat!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comCherry called the Valente The Party Bus! It’s important to our family that our car is not only spacious, but very safe. The Valente has a 5 Star ANCAP rating

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comMy husband has driven similar vehicles in the past and he reckons this one doesn’t have body roll and drives more like a large car

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comWas excited to find an inbuilt iPhone dock to crank some tunes for our trip

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comLove the Louise Paramor sculpture on Peninsula Link. Cherry calls it the Lego Tower!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comIt wasn’t long until they were both fast asleep

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comWe arrived at Port Phillip Estate, one of the most beautiful wineries on the Mornington Peninsula.

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comSliding doors on both sides made it really easy to get in and out

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comArriving in style! Feeling just like celebrities with tinted windows 😉

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comThe view from here was spectacular!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comLook Cherry, you can see the sea!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comIt was fun getting around with friends in The Party Bus. No need to take two cars and only one designated driver! Buckle up kids – let’s ride!

Mercedes Benz Valente www.cherryandme.comNot looking forward to handing the Valente back but on Monday…
What a fabulous way to cruise around in style! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Mercedes Bendz Valente www.cherryandme.comWhat’s the most important thing you look for when buying a family car?

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