Sleeping Like A Baby – Amby Hammock Product Review

Last year, when I was pregnant with Tiger, I ordered an Amby Baby Hammock for our lounge room. I remembered how much Cherry loved being rocked to sleep as a new born and thought a hammock would be a great alternative to wheeling the pram inside.

Amby Hammock www.cherryandme.comCherry reads the instructions and tells Aunty Nise what to do

Amby Hammock“Good job Aunty Nise”

Amby Hammock www.cherryandme.comTiger 1 month, sleeping like a baby in our bedroom

Amby Hammock www.cherryandme.comSnug as a bug

Amby Hammock cherryandme.comTiger 3 months, chilling out in the lounge room

Amby Hammock cherryandme.comWe even took the hammock outside while Cherry and Me played in our garden

Amby Hammock cherryandme.comTiger watches while Cherry blows him bubbles

Amby Hammock cherryandme.comTiger 6 months

Amby Hammock cherryandme.comCherry rocking her baby brother to sleep

Amby Hammock cherryandme.comThen we replaced the hammock with an Amby Jump Jump harness

Amby Hammock cherryandme.comHe could bounce all day!

Amby Hammock cherryandme.comUntil he falls asleep…

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