Meet The Triplets!

Three months ago, my cousin and best friend Olga, welcomed three beautiful baby boys to the world! What a lucky lady indeed! Cherry, Tiger and Me absolutely love visiting and yesterday we brought over their very own personalised blankets from The Knit Studio.

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comThe blankets came rolled up in postal tubes

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comWe chose green, blue and orange to match their awesome bedroom

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comCherry decorated the card board tubes with watercolours in our garden

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comTiger smashing Vegemite on toast while watching his big sister paint

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comTa-da!

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comCherry feeling proud and excited to give her gifts to her baby cousins!

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comHello babies! We have presents for you!

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comMe styling the boys

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comMeet Jake, Hugo and Oscar! Just gorgeous!

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comOscar

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comJake

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comHugo

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comOscar, Hugo, Jake (3 months) and Tiger (8 months)

Meet The Triplets www.cherryandme.comSo much love! We’ll keep you posted on the boys and their triplet adventures as they grow!

Click here to visit The Knit Studio Website

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