Cherry’s Shabbat Birthday Dinner

Today is Cherry’s 3rd birthday!
Happy birthday beautiful girl! Mummy and Daddy absolutely adore you xox

On Friday night, the family got together to celebrate Cherry’s 3rd birthday with a not so traditional Shabbat dinner.

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCherry and Aunty Nise waiting for guests to arrive

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comMum and Me prepare dinner. Here we are taste testing the Russian salad

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comGluten free, wholemeal and traditional Challahs, garden roses and art by Darren Wardle

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCherry, her daddy and my daddy

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCherry and her grandparents

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comFace squashing kisses from Daddy and Me

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comMummy, can I pllleeaase open it now!?

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comHowdy Tiger!

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCuddles from Aunty Nellie and Tinky

Cherry's Shabbat Cherry ice-cream cake

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comMake a wish!

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comCherry playing hair salon with Uncle Jonny

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comGiving Uncle Josh’s beard a trim

Cherry's Shabbat www.cherryandme.comAunty Olgy braiding Cherry’s hair

Tune in next week for more of Cherry’s 3rd birthday celebrations!

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