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My name is Elle and I’m an Artaholic. This week, take a peek into the home of Cherry and Me and view our most treasured art collection.

Art House Polixeni Papapetrou

Art House Annette Bezor

Art House Mimi Kelly

Art House Chris Bond

Art House www.cherryandme.comAndy Warhol

Art House www.cherryandme.comRobert Doble. Kat Chadwick

Art House www.cherryandme.comDarren Wardle. Sally Ross

Art House www.cherryandme.comFrida

Art House www.cherryandme.comNana Nina

Art House www.cherryandme.comKelly Allen

Art House www.cherryandme.comDeborah Paauwe

Art House www.cherryandme.comPolixeni Papapetrou

I recently discovered I can fuel my art addiction online. One of the word’s leading galleries, Saatchi has opened an online gallery called It’s a great platform for emerging and established artists to upload, share and sell their works internationally, streaming conveniently into our homes.

If you would like anymore information about the artworks found in this post or Saatchi Art, feel free to leave a comment with your query and email address.

Look out for an art giveaway this week on our Facebook page!

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