Jumping Up and Down in Muddy Puddles

Last weekend we took the newest member of our family, Tiger (6 weeks), up to our holiday house for the very first time. The weather was beautiful, so we put on our gumboots, rugged up and stepped outside to explore the magical wintery countryside.

1_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com





6_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

7_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

9_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

15_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

11_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

12_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

10_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

13_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

14_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.com

16_Muddy_Puddles cherryandme.comHope you had a wonderful weekend too!  Love Cherry and Me x

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