Cherry’s Chooks

Some of my fondest childhood memories were in the garden, planting and picking flowers, building tree houses and caring for our pet chickens. Ever since we moved into our new home, a year and a half ago, I’ve been dying to recreate some nostalgia by adopting a couple of pet chooks to live and rome freely in our backyard!

Meet Cherry’s chooks: ‘Mrs Schnitzel’ and ‘Bella Russ’ (named after the city Belarus)

Cherry, 9 months

These fuzzy chooks are called ‘Silkies’. I just adore their fluffy bellbottoms and Russian hats!

Me with Bella Russ

Silkies have a very gentle nature. The more you handle them, the friendlier they become.

Breakfast time in our garden with Cherry’s chooks

Garden googies

Mienkki out cat hiding in the lawn

Mrs Schnitzel and Bella Russ in our pumpkin patch

The creeping pumpkin patch taking over our yard!

Pumpkin blossom bee

Cherry’s chooks wandering inside. Very cute until they pooped on the floor!

Mrs Schintzel and Bella Russ only stayed with us for 3 months. It turns out, keeping chickens in a small, tidy, inner-city courtyard isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.  The girls now live at a preschool veggie garden keeping all the little kiddies happy. We hope to one day adopt new chickens when we have a bigger yard with room for a proper chicken coop!

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  1. Serenely says:

    I never ever thought of chickens as being beautiful… but these Silkies are really changing my preconceptions of chooks. If their eggs are good, I might just consider them…. but maybe waaay down the track.

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