Our Seder Table

Passover this year was extra special as it fell over the Easter long weekend. We decided it would be fun to all go up to our holiday house and celebrate, country style, with a touch of bunnies and chocolate!A Seder is special dinner held over the first two nights of Passover. We read from a Hebrew/English book, the story of Passover and commemorate how the Jews were once slaves in Egypt, building the Pyramids. Our Seder is the ‘cut-down’ super fast and fun version! We cover the basics, sings songs, and most importantly, eat!

Easter bunnies and Matzah. Matzah is traditional Passover un-leavened bread. We eat it to commemorate what the Jewish people ate as they were escaping Egypt. They didn’t have time from the dough to rise, so they baked it quickly into a flat, crisp bread.

Locally grown Dahlias. One of my absolute favourite flowers!

Olive branches picked from our front garden at the holiday house

Cherry’s first Passover!

The table is set! Gefilte-fish for entrée, a very traditional Jewish dish. It’s basically a fish ball with a slice of carrot on top. We also ate Chicken Soup with Matzah-balls which I blogged about last week.

Cherry’s daddy reading from the Haggadah.

I’ve linked some of the Hebrew words to Wikipedia for a more thorough explanation.

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