Thanx @Ladro #Gfree pizza!

I got a strange message the other day from my food blogging friend, Jen Curcio @Decisive Cravings, telling me to check my Twitter account. Ladro had sent out a Tweet inviting their twitter followers to a gluten free pizza taste testing sitting that night at their Prahran restaurant! OMG yumo-licious! So Jen and I tweeted back with an RSVP for us, Cherry and Cherry’s Daddy.

Ladro – 162 Greville Street, Prahran

Take-away menus

Love the menu! It reminds me of the vintage photos of my Nana Nina

Jen and I discussing our pizza topping selection. 

Elle’s special gluten + dairy free pizza – Tomato, basil, capers. Delicious!

There were 10 of us guinea pigs tasting 2 different gluten free pizza bases

Ladro “Which base did you like Elle?”
Elle “I liked the first one because it reminded me of my grandma’s Russian potato latkas”

Decisive Cravings will be launching their official website early next year.
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3 Responses to Thanx @Ladro #Gfree pizza!

  1. Christina says:

    How wonderful! I’ve got a friend who would really appreciate something like this. Are the gluten free pizza bases available all the time, or was it only for the taste testing?

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