Russian Poppyseed Cake

On Friday morning, a few of us kinder mums got together to bake 20 Russian Poppyseed Cakes for our School’s Fete.

Russian Poppyseed Cake

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comOur bake-off was held in Nina’s home which was previously owned by a Rabbi and his large family. The kitchen was enourmous with 4 huge ovens!

3_cakeMany hands made light work. We baked 20 cakes in under 2 hours!

2_cakeIn goes the mix

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comI wish you could smell this image!

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comNina doing the finishing touches

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comGotta sample our products first 😉

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comA fabulous way to get to know each other and a  great way to help raise funds for our school!

Russian Poppyseed Cake www.cherryandme.comThe finished cakes ready for sale!

School Fete www.cherryandme.comSunday morning at the School Fete

School Fete Cherry in the butterfly enclosure

School Fete Cherry and Me painting T-shirts

School Fete www.cherryandme.comA fun day out with the family 🙂

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