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Cherry is growing sooo quickly! She’s already said her first word, “bird!” She loves watching the birdies in our garden, every morning, while we eat breakfast together. “Dog” and “duck” are her latest words and she seems to have a real fascination with animals. While on holidays, we thought it would be nice to take her to meet some new animals at a country farmyard.Peek-a-boo! Are you ready to meet the animals?

Giddy up pony! Let’s go for a ride!

Cherry met a very friendly curly haired goat

Cherry and the chickens. “Bird, bird!”

I said hello to the birdies too

We even cuddled with the fluffy bunnies and wriggly guinea pigs

The barn

Old dusty tools and rusty horse shoes in the work shed

Me in the hay barn after a fun day at the farm

Rain Hayne & Shine Farmyard
490 Stumpy Gully Road, Balnarring
Mornington Peninsula, Australia
phone: 5983 1691

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